Two credible ways to know your future in 5-10 years

When you're 20 and can be no question about how to live life like everyone else. This is the wonderful period when it is obvious that all people like people, and you're the one. And the future is waiting for you, of course, the most that neither is special. There is a truth, but the point is how you got the guts not to succumb to inertia and be still favourites, and not just assume. But the speech now not about it.

Another question, when you're almost 30. Habits are formed, beliefs are concrete, circle stabilized, the burden of the past dragged everywhere with you on your own backs – you see, throw it sorry. And here is quite relevant, reliable and most importantly, two simple and accurate way to know what will happen to you and your life in 5-10 years. Check?

How to know your future in 10 latterly method

Take your surroundings: colleagues, relatives, friends and acquaintances – all those with whom you communicate regularly. At least a couple times a month. Especially those who cross weekly. Moreover, it is not only about friendship and warm conversation, and just about any, even forced interaction.

Look closely at those who are older than you by 5 years.

Congratulations, this is your future in 5 years!

Take those over 10 years – this is your future in 10 years.

I'm happy for you just in case (and I hope that people like me also read), if you are surrounded by inspiring examples, where you want to be.

Otherwise, watch closely and analyze.

If you leave everything as it is, will move along the same track, without taking radical steps in the direction of their true desires (e.g., to be elected, m?) you can already see where it will lead. Not far to seek.

Offer objectively assess how external attributes that a person has (financial prosperity, family, business, appearance) and its status: it feels like smiles frequently, as prone to fears and anxieties, kind or angry at the world, and so on. View comprehensively and calmly. Coincidence with you in the future will be 80% in the most optimistic forecast, but most likely up to 97%...

Let me remind you:

The biggest stupidity in life is to bring about positive changes, continuing from day to day to do the same

Just do not about stars, horoscopes, and more. People from your environment is also read them carefully.

The second method

But there is another way to know your future is to create it.

In this option, the forecast for the future end. Either create or play environment. Unless you are counting on another end of the world on the next regular calendar of the Maya.

To create a picture of the world, step by step paving their own path with the precision of a jeweler selecting environment, business, ideas, decorations, and even emotions. This is the way of units, which according to statistics choose only 3% of the population. It's hard, but worth it. We must constantly take responsibility for yourself, don't be afraid to take risks, to ask himself many questions, to say "no" to the suffering and doubt, each time lifting, matter how deep you fell, but most importantly to keep moving forward even in those moments when it is not always clear where the "front".

Pain is inevitable, suffering is a personal choice ©H. Murakami

Probably be elected, but that's irrelevant compared to the opportunity to become deeply relaxed and happy. The author and editor of your own least 10 years.


Olesya Novikova



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