Strawberries in yogurt and 9 more useful snacking

Imagine: you got home, you to shiver I want to walk, but you worry for her figure. And because staunchly resist the desire to eat the cookie or to eat three candies. Not to go crazy with contradictory impulses, use recipes which we carefully collected all over the Internet.

Tasty and not bad — is a reality.

Who said that all the delicious forbidden? Unfounded to argue we don't want, so we offer you a list of snacks that will make your taste buds tremble with pleasure.

Dried gingeris Not all love fresh ginger, but dried is much better. Even a small amount of powdered sugar, which he sprinkled, does not make it harmful sweets.

Ginger makes to produce more gastric juice, helps to better absorb vitamins, reduces nausea, reduces pain in the joints.

Recent research suggests that ginger even increases insulin sensitivity in patients with type II diabetes.

Dried mangoes

The polyphenols in mangoes work as antioxidants, in particular, magnifin which is famous for its ability to successfully fight cancer and heart disease. In addition, dried mango dessert, sweet and low-calorie, sold in any Department of dried fruit.

Apples with almond butterNot in a hurry to flip through and call this recipe too exotic. All you need to get a butter, a pound of almonds, a chopper or food processor and a little time. Grind raw or roasted almonds need until then, until the mixture becomes a creamy texture, the consistency is similar to butter at room temperature.

Almond oil — source of protein and fiber, unsaturated fats, and many micronutrients. This oil a low glycemic index, meaning that it will help to maintain the right blood sugar levels and give you a long feeling of satiety.

And if you spread this butter on slices of fresh Apple, you get a delicious and delicate dessert that will have both children and adults.

Walnuts in any form

Walnuts — superfood. They are useful for heart health, perfectly saturated, and if you mix it with honey and lemon juice to make an incredibly delicious dessert. Ground walnuts can be added to salads, and if you grind them into a paste and add a drop of salt and chopped greens, they will turn into nutritious and flavorful pate.

Walnuts according to the degree of usefulness for vessels equal to olive oil.

Dark chocolateChocolate is. Moreover, it is useful! But in any case not milk, and bitter, with a cocoa content of at least ninety percent. Not everyone likes it bitter, but it can be masked: if grate dark chocolate and sprinkle them over fruit salad will turn out very nice.

Have dark chocolate a low glycemic index (because it shows losing weight), there's a huge amount of antioxidants, it quickly gives a feeling of satiety and improves mood. Its good to carry for a quick snack — just a few pieces will bring you power if you are tired on the way, and a normal meal is still far.

Strawberries in yogurt

How? You haven't tried? Urgent do it! Prepare a sheet of baking paper, dip fresh strawberries in yogurt and send it to twenty minutes in the freezer. You can't even imagine how delicious it is! In the same way you can do with any berries. Only the yogurt should be unsweetened and natural. In this treat of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and the sea allowance.

Zucchini pizza

Almost everyone loves pizza. But hardly someone who cares about the figure and health, will eat it every day. But the taste of the pizza can be easily obtained without the Italian food. Thinly slice zucchini or small squash lengthwise or into slices, put on each slice a little cheese and half a teaspoon of tomato sauce. Bake your mini pizzas in the oven. Before baking you can sprinkle each slice dry or fresh herbs, e.g. Basil.

Zucchini in a lot of vitamins C and A, calcium, cheese, tomato sauce contains B vitamins, copper, magnesium and potassium (if you take really just tomato paste with no additives, not ketchup).

Celery stalks with peanut butterYes, peanut butter is a product of the American. But just as almond oil, peanut easily prepare at home. Just wait until blender will turn roasted peanuts into a paste. If the paste is too thick you can always dilute a small amount useful any vegetable oil — olive, grapeseed, sesame, and pumpkin seeds or walnut oil.

In stalks of celery lots of vitamin A, fiber, it lowers the level of bad cholesterol. Sandwiches celery and peanut butter — very tasty food.

Tomatoes with feta and olive oil

If the specified combination you don't like, replace the feta cheese is a favorite, and take oil sunflower or peanut. And tomatoes, by the way, are extremely useful: they help burn neutral fat and prevent the development of metabolic syndrome (syndrome of insulin resistance).

Bon appetit!



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