5 delicious zucchini

I'm sure many of you are grown in their suburban areas, squash and zucchini. And the easiest way to cook them – just fry in a pan and sprinkle crushed garlic with herbs or bake zucchini pancakes. But at some point, the zucchini becomes too much, and tired of the usual dishes. We offer several inexpensive dishes made from zucchini and other available products.

Summer-fresh and light meal – a salad of zucchini in Italian style. If you've never eaten raw zucchini, it's time to try them. The salad can be made in minutes, because the most time – consuming is to slice the zucchini thin strips.

Salad with zucchini Italian style

Those who cannot live without meat, I recommend to prepare stuffed zucchini. For stuffing it is better to choose a zucchini and not zucchini, they contain less water, so while cooking they retain shape better.

Stuffed zucchini

The easiest way to dispose of even an overgrown zucchini is to cook them into a soup. It's perfect for hot summer weather. But the warm version is not worse, thicken the soup with cream and serve with croutons. By the way, in the soup, you can use the pulp left over from the stuffed zucchini.

Very simple cold soup of zucchini

If the batter for all your favorite dumpling squash add feta cheese, you will get another dish. Additional taste is mint – fritters become very old.

Zucchini fritters with feta cheese

And the last dish for lovers of sweet – cake with zucchini. Sure, if you don't tell that you added them to the dough, no one will know what the prepared cake pan.

Cupcake with zucchini and lemon icing

The preparation of all dishes took only 1070 rubles.



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4 summer recipe — healthy cooking!


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