A unique phenomenon: learn how breathing skull

In the world everything is in motion. There is even a popular saying: “life is Movement”. The heart contracts in a certain interval, light set respiratory rate, reduced the intestinal wall, blood vessels and even the skull...

And the error is not here. The bones of the skull is also compressed and opens, only it's barely noticeable.

Experts call this unique phenomenon of the craniosacral rhythm. The normal rhythm is 6-10 beats per minute. From seriously ill people, the number of cuts per minute is much less, but there are diseases in which their number increases above normal.

For a long time it was believed that in adults, the skull is completely immobile. However, current research and osteopathic practice to the contrary. The contraction or “breathing” of the skull is due to the fact that the bones that make up his set, contain small amounts of elastin and collagen in the joints.

The craniosacral system was discovered by American osteopath William garner Sutherland. By studying the motion of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the scientist came to the conclusion, that its movement in a robust system the sacrum-the spine-the skull is subject to certain rhythms. Receptors sensitive to pressure changes control this process, and it happens every minute of every day throughout life.

Disorder craniosacral rhythm, leads to severe psycho-neurological diseases and deterioration of human health. If You or Your loved ones suffer from anxiety, insomnia, alcohol dependence, nicotine, if there are problems in the sexual life, it is important to pay attention to the “cranial breath.”

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The most illnesses are accompanied by headache, discomfort in the neck and back. Why craniosacral therapy is an important step in overcoming the disease and restore health. Specialist osteopath, making a subtle motion with his hands in the neck, skull base, back, are able to accurately determine the cause of your problem and properly configure the “craniosacral rhythm”.


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