How to get rid of chemicals in vegetables and fruits

For anybody not a secret that many of them are processed by the various nitrates and pesticides.

Nitrate and pesticides may be partially to get rid of: to do this you need to properly wash and clean fruits and vegetables.

CABBAGE. At the top cabbage leaves and stalks contain most of the nitrate than in the head, so they need to be thrown away.

POTATOES. In potato chemistry is going under the skin and in the core of the tuber, so after the potatoes have boiled this water must be drained.

ZUCCHINI, CUCUMBERS, EGGPLANT. Cucumbers color needs to be gently herbal in color if they are dark green it says that they are overfed with nitrates. The first zucchini and eggplant need to peel. Cut off the stalk region is the most poisonous place.

GREENS, LETTUCE, PARSLEY, DILL. Most of the chemical accumulates in the veins, and stalks – no need to eat it. The greens always faster, and absorb nitrates before adding it to your dishes, soak for an hour in the water.

TOMATOES. When elections tomatoes, keep in mind, the thicker the peel, the greater it contains no chemicals. Do not buy tomatoes orange-red, as if unripe. Don't be shy and ask the seller to cut the tomato and if it has a white flesh and thick veins – that means great content of chemicals. But if you mean they are of poor quality tomatoes, soak them in cool water for about 1 hour.

GRAPES. To grapes stored for a long time it is treated with fungicides. To get rid of this substance, the grapes are good enough to wash, preferably in water with soda. (Generally any fruits and vegetables well to wash with baking soda!)

WATERMELONS. Do not buy a watermelon, cut in half and wrapped in foil is a good basis for bacteria and germs. The watermelon has a thick and yellowish veins, it used. You can also conduct a small test: put the pulp for one minute in a glass of water, the water changed color, this means that the watermelon fed, the water is just muddy berry pure.

PEARS AND APPLES. By purchasing fruits take them in your hands, if you feel that the fruits of the slippery, sticky they are treated with diphenyl. In order that they is not spoiled for a long time stored. In the EU, USA, difenol prohibited due to the strong carcinogenic and allergenic properties. Biphenyl-treated fruits have peel.

BEETS, CARROTS, RADISHES. A huge amount of nitrates contained in the tops and the tips of the roots, trim them before use. Do not buy beets with the twisted tails. From carrots cut 1 cm of tail, the green part should be cut completely, it contains a large number of chemicals.

To minimize the number of used chemistry possible, choose mostly vegetables and fruit grown in our country. They are many times "cleaner" imported. We have not in the quantities used of mineral fertilizers, for the simple reason that our manufacturers have no money to buy fertilizer in such quantities, as, for example, purchase of mineral fertilizers in America, Holland, the Netherlands, and Turkey.
The most contaminated fruits and vegetables come to us from Holland, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, they have poor land and she just can't give a rich harvest without significant amounts of fertilizer. But in safe amounts contain chemicals in fruits and vegetables grown in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Belarus, Poland.



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