How to stay active in the winter

How to stay active in the winter. Photo:

Fatigue, irritability, and the desire to sleep... If those are the basic needs today, then you were in "hibernation". What to do with it? Try to understand.

No desire to go to work, and in the evening an irresistible pull back. Meeting with friends turned into a serious responsibility and the need to invent new excuses. Books tire, filled under movie, food in General acts as a sedative. Plus the moral depletion.

In our latitudes such a sad mood, alas, is familiar to many. It is scientifically proven that these conditions often overtake us in the interval between October and March and, at times, symptoms are so significant that we can talk about depression. If you feel Blues, do not dig in yourself, do not look for problems, it's not about age, and not in a relationship, in work and not in money, but just in the weather.

In the dark, our body produces a special hormone melatonin is responsible for sleep. That is why we so hard to Wake up when it's dark outside and I feel sleepy during the day. And when the body is in hibernation, the brain does not want anything except to be left alone. However, there are some psychological subtleties that will help to correct the situation.

For use of mind and body

For some, winter is a joy, for others, melancholy and suffering from perpetual cold. If you often visits the sadness, forget her, after all, much better than you think.

Therapists remind: the cold season it is quite natural for our parts, we are ready. The body tunes itself to the desired temperature and tolerates weather. Not like it can only in our consciousness. To be precise, the negative reaction is what we come up with ourselves. Meanwhile, frost fortify strength, health, and nervous system. Is it worth it to resist and stay inside when nature gives us such gifts?

Time to save energy Wisdom about the cold winter has reached us from Ancient China, where doctors believed that winter is a time of rest and reflection, the accumulation of forces and energy. To spend that time usefully, really, you need more rest — early to bed and getting up after sunrise. Many people can not afford it, but they should not drive horses. Workaholics especially useful more often and longer to walk, to breathe the frosty air, through which thoughts just clarified.

What determines your mood? Have you ever noticed that even in a bad mood is to go outside, and once it becomes a little easier? From the point of view of medicine, cold causes the body to gather, the brain stops wasting energy on the thinking and directs it to preserve the life and health of its owner. And yet, at times, the mood can appear and disappear without the influence of specific circumstances. But in the cold apathy comes more often. However, according to psychologists, it's not in the weather, and just the lack of light. But this problem can be overcome.

Turn on the light Barely getting up from the bed, turn on bright overhead light in the room and throughout the apartment. This will instantly stop the production of the sleep hormone, and you will feel more energetic.

Breathe Essential oil will help to cheer up and improve mood. For example, citrus essential oils, especially sweet orange, increase the production of hormones of joy and stimulate the brain. Bring to the nose a bottle of oil and take three deep breaths.

Use color the impact of color on our perception is proven. In the winter, when it's not enough bright colors, add them to your life with the help of bright clothes, accessories, fruits and vegetables. Life will become much nicer.

Add bright flavors in a jar Pour a little coffee beans, add the nutmeg, cinnamon stick, vanilla or cloves, close the lid. Let this jar is always on the desktop. Open and inhale the refreshing aromas of in moments of fatigue and sadness, the dream will go away, and the mood noticeably improved.

Move more Than you want to sleep, the more you need to be physically. Walk, walk, do a jog — whatever your heart desires, if only for the fresh air. You will notice as you become fitter and more positive.




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