To sit means to be sick

Canadian researchers have shown that the amount of time that a person spends daily in a sitting position, directly affects the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Scientists say that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to early death, even those who regularly engaged in fitness but all the same, most of the time sitting.

"Today, the average person sits more than half a day — for example, watching TV or working on the computer, says Dr. David alter, a senior fellow at the University health network (UHN) and Institute for clinical research in Toronto. — Our study shows that, despite the beneficial health effects of exercise may not be sufficient to reduce the risk of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle."

Scientists insist that man is little to daily 30-minute charging, if the remaining 23 and a half hours he sits or lies. To reduce the risk of diseases is necessary to reduce "sedentary time" 2-3 hours in a 12-hour day.

Anyone who wishes himself good health, you should begin to keep track of time, which is held in a sitting position. Every half hour the person needs to get up and move at least 3 minutes.




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