5 best gifts for the smart home

The connected home is already here. This new technology gradually gets more and more into our lives. It is unlikely You have enough money to give someone the gift of a smart home, but there are little things that can turn a boring home into the abode of intelligent technologies.


Sometimes it is very difficult to find a middle ground between maintaining a comfortable temperature and optimal electricity bills. Nest, the company intends to help to solve this problem with the help of his smart thermostat, which can automatically adjust to user preferences. When you first use the device, the user set temperature, but after a week the thermostat already does it himself. Google acquired Nest in January 2014, making the idea of smart homes has spread more among the wider audience. The line of products also includes smoke detectors and Webcams.


The company Big Ass Fans has released the Haiku ceiling fan, which works in conjunction with Nest devices and can be controlled via the app. Adjust the rotation speed and time when You want the fan on and off is no longer have to do manually. The SenseME technology built-in motion sensors understands, is there anyone in the room. If not, the fan is automatically turned off to save electricity.


Smart slow cooker with the application shows the degree of readiness of dishes allows you to change the temperature, turn on and off the device. When the dish is ready, You'll even get a notification about it. Like Nest, WeMo is a product line that can be controlled through one app, in particular light bulbs, a coffee machine and a webcam.


The gift is perfect for a friend who constantly loses keys. Smart lock Kevo from Kwikset company can open the door with one touch of a finger. Bluetooth technology detects when there is a proven smartphone and allows you to open the door without the key. Instead of a smartphone you can use a Bluetooth keychain. A Kevo mobile app allows you to send an electronic key on any other smartphone when you need to give temporary access to others to not hide a key under the Mat.


And although the market there are many devices that monitor sleep modes, they need to wear. Aura also monitors sleep using a sensor placed under the mattress and interacting with the device next to the bed, which is sound and light Wake the user. The sensor tracks REM sleep, heart rate, temperature and motion, and wakes the person, when he is at the stage of shallow sleep. Data is sent to the app on your smartphone, where you can see what was a dream. Aura also has a program to facilitate the sleep and a short NAP, after which You will feel refreshed and not lost.


Depending on Your cable and Internet provider, You may be able to make your home smart. Free app U-Verse from AT&T allows you to record programs from the TV. Apple, it seems, is also going to release its own technology for the smart home – HomeKit, which Apple TV to control all functions.

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