The first vegetables and fruits: how to protect yourself from nitrates

With the arrival of spring in shops and markets there are more fresh vegetables and fruits. However, there is a danger to poison your body with harmful substances, which abound in ripening fruits. We will tell you how to protect your body from their influence.

After a long cold weather you want to treat yourself "addition" — a cucumber, a tomato or some fruits. And look fruit in this period is highly attractive, and pulls a hand. While it is clear that grown the "maturing" was in hothouse conditions, because the season of many vegetables and fruits will come only in June-July. Of course, the fruits and the taste is not like summer, and vitamins in them less. But is that stopping us from buying kilo or so?

Quick ripening of vegetables is due to the use of growth promoters – of nitrates, which have a negative impact on the human body. Plus the fruit can be resources, which was treated with plants to protect from exposure to pests. Nitrates are a compound of salts and ester of nitric acid. And let it promotes the growth of plants, but harmful to human health. Nitrates in the body can lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland (because it reduces the amount of iodine), provoke the development of different kinds of tumors, disorders of the nervous system affect the heart, etc. But nitrates exist not only in ripening fruits – they are even in those who grew up in season, only in smaller quantities. So how do you protect yourself from chemicals? To start — the most basic: pay attention to the appearance of the fruit. You should choose fruits and vegetables of medium size (for this type). Unusually large fruits contain a greater growth promoters. Also, do not buy vegetables and fruit out of the shell which is translucent brown or grayish spots. Even if with all the products in order to be safe will not be superfluous. So, we know that the greatest amount of harmful substances accumulates in leafy species of plants and root crops: radishes, cabbage, dill, etc. Harmful substances contained in the roots, stems, veins and petioles of leaves, in the skin and surface layers of vegetables. Because if it's a root vegetable, it is necessary to remove from it a peel, to remove the tail and the stalk. Also you can process vegetables or fruit with cold water, soak for a few hours. Water affects the reduction in the amount of nitrates. Because if they do, and boil, the harmful substances will be even less. Ripening vegetables and fruits should be stored no more than two days. A salad is never more than six hours. That is, it is advisable to prepare them just before use. And if it happened that you ate too much fruit with a possible high amount of nitrates, neutralize them with the help of vitamin C. That is enough to eat one tablet of ascorbic acid. If that doesn't help, necessarily obratites to the doctor! Experts advise that if you want to enrich your body with vitamins from vegetables and fruits, it is better to eat frozen fruit last year than buying just appeared. But if you want fresh, then to protect their family members from unwanted poisoning — follow the advice and do not let the "precocious" children under 5 years, elderly and people with chronic diseases. And be healthy! published Author: Maria Tokareva



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