Five questions that will help you understand whether you have the spirit of a winner

Life – an unpredictable thing since childhood. Some are born and live in an environment that has to be the winner, and others in an environment that pushes their talents in the Bud.

Where you grew up? Let's find out. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and honestly answer these five questions.

If all of the questions you have answered "Yes", then congratulations. Probably, in life, you will find great success. If most of the questions you have answered "no", then most likely, the installation received in childhood, preventing you to realize your dream.

Let's get to the questions. A child in your family:

1. You are treated like you have an amazing talent that deserves to be developed?

I really hope that your answer is "Yes". Many of our parents in childhood were deprived of the support and, accordingly, they do not understand how to support their children. Perhaps their talents in childhood crushed by their own parents, and they grew with that pain. And now they think that the only way to protect you from disappointment is to make sure that you do not like.

Of course, they're doing it out of love, but sometimes parental love is very cruel. Especially in the long term.

Think about it, how would that have changed you and your life if you are treated differently? What would have happened to you today?

2. Told you that despite what you want to become, you will still respect and love?

Imagine such a situation. Your father – the known Deputy or the head of the region, and you dream about that your whole life to devote to dance or perhaps some kind of Museum installations. Daddy will most likely tell you? He probably will tell you...the shame of the family and should be more serious in choosing their future profession.

How many times have you been faced with the fact that pressured your real desires because he was afraid that parents would not approve. Let's say you wanted to become a movie star and get an Oscar, but your mom, who works in the stall with a saleswoman, only twisted a finger at a temple. And the dream died.

Consider who would you be now if your (even the most divorced from reality to dreams) treated differently?

3. Help in search of interesting things? Told how to achieve their goals?

For example, you said: "I want to become a scientist." And your parents went to the store and bought some interesting sets that have helped to make artificial ice, or to grow exotic plants. Or they found a library for you of scientific literature? Or just subscribed to some magazines that would help you move in the direction of science?

If they asked you about what scientists want to learn more? Did the parents of all the known methods to show you how close you can get to the field that you like?

Here we also hope that your answer is "YES". Many families do not, because the fear to put pressure on the child. Some parents are lazy: they think that their help is that they do not interfere with the child to develop.

If your family talked about how easy it is to touch the big wide world, then you are very lucky.

4. Quietly I have taken your parents to what your Hobbies were varied each day? And ready they were to support each of your aspiration?

For a child it is very important to explore this world. It is important to understand what they like and what they don't. The only way growth occurs. But many parents can annoy the ever-changing interests of children. Now, when we're all adults, we understand the anger of our parents was due to the fact that they could not find a favorite thing and so angry at us.

Ideally, your parent had to react calmly to each new area that you are interested. "Like planes? Well, let's go see the air show". "I want to be a writer? Here's a cool Notepad and a book on how great writers created their works". "I like to do magic tricks? Let's buy a magic set".

If you answered "no" to this question, think about how you could change your life, and you yourself, if I helped you to follow your talents and interests?

And now the most important question:

5. In your environment are the winners, who rejoiced in your successes?

And your family had a truly successful people? The real winners, as a rule, ready to accept his new caste of winners. Did you grow up: "Come on, baby/traveler, you were born in a family of winners! You have to get. We you in any case support and help!".

Often when we succeed, the parents reacted to him very strange. Sometimes even negative. Imagine what a blow to the psyche of a child or teenager?

The only environment in which they live are winners, creates winners. If our parents were for us a model for imitation, and we grow sensible and ready to win.

Do you think if you answered "Yes" to all five questions, where would you be today and what would you become?


Based on the book "wishcraft"

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