Falling crane in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg. February 27. Interfax NORTHWEST - construction crane fell on a house in St. Petersburg on Tuesday morning outside reed. According to "Interfax" the representative of the information department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, in a building are destroying, in one of the apartments, killing two people. As reported by the Main Directorate of Emergency Situations Ministry in St. Petersburg, the message about the incident in the house 2, Building 2 of Kamyshovaya street in the Primorsky district of the city came to 10.31 MSK.
Tower crane fell on the 12-storey residential building. As a result, the three upper floors got permission in an apartment killed a man and woman.
To date, the rescue operation is over. Killed 3 people. Destroyed 5 apartments.

You will not believe, but on my porch an hour ago fallen tower crane with a neighboring building.
There are victims, and it seems a lot of wounded. Chipped floors from 12th to seventh (we live on the sixth). The house is surrounded, it is not allowed, he severed all communication.
I'm still on the faculty, still did not see anything, but my mom is in the courtyard, crying bitterly for forty minutes.
Alina barely had time to go to class. my no one was hurt, but live in an apartment, probably longer.
Father in Japan.
One boy lost his leg. One grandmother on the 10th floor can not pull out, and it is unknown what happened to her.
I have no tears, very shaking hands.


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