How easy it is to manage your weight

It may be easier if you will use some of the suggested ingredients to replace the usual non-dietary products, get rid of the constant counting of calories or to avoid cutting portions.

Minimize flour

Most people love baked goods, but the consumption of such products needs to be controlled, as this insidious product. Remember what happens with a piece of bread soaked in water, and now imagine what happens in your gut. Flour has a lot of adhesion, which significantly slows down the process of digestion and metabolism, contributing to weight gain.

Try to replace the flour products a variety of dishes from whole grains: brown rice and basmati rice, oats, corn, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and barley. Unlike white flour products, whole-grain substitutes give your body a variety of nutrients and fiber and will promote proper digestive system.

Replace sugar syrup

For many people, who considered themselves as "sugar addicts", a real salvation was the brown rice syrup. First, the transition from one to the other is painless — all that was sweet, and they still are. Second, the brown rice syrup is a complex carbohydrate, so the process of assimilation takes longer time.

Just think: every day the average person consumes more than 20 teaspoons of sugar, which is more than 60 pounds! Start studying the labels on the products you buy sugar contains almost all. Only one bottle of soda typically contains about 16 teaspoons! Meanwhile, despite the natural origin, sugar is a product of high processing, for absorption of which in the quantities our bodies simply do not fit. That is why diabetes is one of the most pressing diseases of our time.

To replace 1 Cup of sugar, take ½ Cup of brown rice syrup. In addition, as a sugar substitute you can use 100% maple syrup, natural honey and dark chocolate. With their help, you can get rid of sugar addiction and passion for eating desserts at night.

Eat natural food

Many snacks in bright packaging have a distinct taste that we want to experience again and again, but not because they are made of quality natural products, quite the contrary. This is the result of achievements of the food industry, used as additives of various chemical compounds. These substances actually fool our receptors and our brain. In addition, constant consumption of such additives lead to addiction, so we want more and more.

In order to consume less chemicals, carefully read the information on the labels! Try to avoid products with TRANS fats, refined salt, preservatives and other far from natural ingredients.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Seasonal vegetables and fruits grow naturally — this is the most natural food. Also, try to enrich your your diet year-round plant foods such as broccoli, green beans, cabbage, greens, leeks, cabbage, mustard and turnips.

Water and healthy fats are your friends

Water is a very important element in the process of metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water, this will help your body get rid of excess. In addition, use in their daily diet of vegetable oils: olive, sesame and coconut oil. This so-called healthy fats that are easily absorbed and are necessary for metabolic processes.

Eat dairy products

Use in the diet of dairy products, but avoid their low-fat options because they have an artificial manner and typically contain a variety of unwanted additives. Dairy products easier to digest and the most useful in their natural form.

Other useful tips

Choose a fitness trend that you really like, but do not make yourself workout wear — a train with pleasure. Every day you can engage is that such activities as yoga or stretching.

Enjoy the food you like, adjusted for the useful ingredients. Find and use new recipes, experiment! When we go on a healthy diet, begin to gradually realize what is good for our body.
If you are overcome with depression and you start to give up, think about your goals and efforts. The next day you Wake up and realize that they have nothing to lose — just the opposite! The attitudes and habits regarding food is a very complex process, but after the critical period, do you realize how much you are happy with these changes.

Work to feel the happiness of existence. Direct their attention to those areas of your life that you would like to improve: family, relationships, career. Tune in for positive change, and they will certainly happen.

Use 80% of their time on any activity and 20% simply to enjoy life and results. But don't expect that you will lose all hateful pounds overnight. After all, you recruited them for years, so be patient. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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