Horses Akhal-Teke breed: the amazing beauty that has existed for five thousand years

The East has given the world many wonderful things. Among them this unique gift Karakum Akhal oasis in the center of the Kopetdag — Akhal-Teke a horse that has existed for five thousand years. Today, horses of this breed are recognized as the world's most beautiful breed of horses. The price of this beauty scialala several millions of dollars.

For the nomadic Turkmen, the horse was how close that it looked like a child. A good horse was more valuable than life itself. And it was for that to appreciate this smart beautiful and proud animal. Because horses are easily endured all the hardships of nomadic life overcome in the day about 200 km, without water for almost two weeks. Turkmen Akhalteke horses were fed with it. In the campaign, if the food is over, get a mouth full of horse fat. To protect from the cold, covered with a blanket, and the little foals and is contained in a Yurt.

The beauty of these horses is undeniable. High on the legs, lean, with slanted Asian eyes, thin skin, with a translucent under her mesh of blood vessels that do not have a single gram of excess fat. In all suits (and they are even rare emerald and yellow) present the characteristic Golden hue, giving the horse even more noble appearance. published

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