Scientists blame sweets in the development of Alzheimer's disease


Research group Medical school at the University of Washington in the United States conducted a series of studies aimed at identifying the effects of permanent use by members of the human race of sugar-containing foods. Their work not only confirmed that the sweet is destructive to the teeth, but also identified several parallel worrying trends. The fact that scientists have been able to find a correlation between Alzheimer's disease and a commitment to the sweet. The main link between these two phenomena – a violation of the blood sugar level, which is a direct consequence of regular consumption of desserts, chocolate, biscuits, cakes and pastries, which are practicing today, many inhabitants of our planet. So, anyone who wants to avoid this disease, we should try to make the sweets without bursting in his house a Wooden or Glass dining table the link.

With the growth of sugar in the blood deteriorates the efficiency of the brain, there are neurological failures and deviations in personality development. If you look at the situation from this position, the diabetics are directly at risk of developing Alzheimer's and similar unpleasant neurological disorders. The exit from this situation one is to eat right, and limit the amount consumed sweets.

How was the experience

American researchers worked in the framework of this experiment with the humans and laboratory mice. Regular feeding rodents a sweet (particularly chocolate, cakes, biscuits and similar products) provoked a serious increase of sugar in their blood, which in turn was the impetus for the growth of the concentration of beta-amyloid protein. And this is one of the symptoms of a notorious disease of Alzheimer's. In connection with these results of experience, scientists advise to refrain from consuming large amounts of sugar-containing products. To escape from thinking about the sweet can be doing something useful, like a home improvement, including kitchen. Dining group, see here.



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