You need to see this! How to make sausage production


Sausage – almost the most popular meat product in our country. It eats everything from small to large, home and country, with pasta and with toasted bread. Journalist “AIF” has decided to see how is this product and got a job at one of Russia's largest meat processing plants. That's what she saw there.

The position of apprentice moulder of sausage products, the reporter received without difficulty, despite the lack of experience, special education and medical books.

Work required in the shop, where the temperature not exceeding 8 ° C 12-hour shifts, during which the need to produce 12 tons of sausages (a worker will not leave until we fulfill the plan), a salary – 19 thousand.


Before going to work was the registration of medical books in the medical center of the plant, but the next day a call from the personnel Department canceled these plans. “Another day will pass, was the proposal of the personnel. – Now go to work”.


Work began the next day. Necessary clothing issued at the warehouse, only gloves not included. The reason is simple: famousity work without gloves, as they they spend twice as much time on the formation of products. The question that the workers ' hands into the product can get any infection remains unanswered.



Wash your hands throughout the day can in the tank in hot water, standing in the middle of the shop. Here washable rags for cleaning equipment and guts used for the shell of some varieties of sausages.


Despite the fact that the plant produces more than a dozen varieties of sausages, ground meat for all of them in common. Sausages of different varieties differ only in color, which is created using the “chemistry.”



The raw materials used for stuffing chicken, trim beef and pork, fat, tendon, bone, chemicals of several kinds. Water is poured directly from the tap.


Here is the meat without the addition of dyes.




But because of the bags with which the sausages are given taste and aroma. So, the most expensive hot dogs – beef – in part contain a tiny percentage of the beef, but most chemicals, including monosodium glutamate, which enhances flavor and taste.published


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