The 10 points of the to-do list for the summer

The first day of the long awaited all summer I managed to find really hot: with a temperature of 39º and a desire to warm the whole world. The world, however, and without my desire now properly heated to the appropriate temperature and June brings thoughts of summer still to come. This means that inevitably appear in my head crazy thoughts, like to spend it, then it was possible to tell with confidence: this year, the warmest months were also the most intense, vivid and energizing for the whole year!

Here are 10 items from my huge to-do list.

Experiments with foodHave you ever tried to freeze the yogurt? But to make traditional homemade ice cream? And lemonade? And the cold coffee in Florence, for example, are more like coffee sorbet than a drink? Yes, just try out a new recipe of some bright, juicy and very summery meals — and best of several!

Seven million thirty thousand two hundred twenty two

To go fishingEven if you've never fished, have no idea how to do it, and not really wanting to know make a company familiar to anglers. Take a trip in the early hours by the lake shore and sit. Who knows, maybe you Wake up in the talent of the fisherman? Even if not, you'll be able to say with confidence that was fishing. And caught voooot a fish!

Sixty two million fifty four thousand five hundred sixty

ReadRead a lot more, more! Of course, this is a timely lesson out of any season. But there are also some especially year books, everyone has their own. It is imperative to get them and delve into the letters! You can wander for hours in the cool bookstores and looking at covers, picking yourself reading. Or to read passages right there at the special tables.

Thirty two million three hundred fifteen thousand five hundred eight

Walk in the parksWalk or ride scooters or bicycles, roller skates or boards. With friends, children, cameras, music to the ears, and intelligent thoughts in my head. Oxygen to breathe, bask in the sun, sunbathing, looking at passers-by.

Forty six million one hundred seventy nine thousand seven hundred sixteen

To revisit favorite children's moviesRemember, on vacation you could sit and watch TV, just not when I finish the lessons? What were you watching? I loved the cartoons. Very different: Soviet, disney, bright and kind. Now they are reviewing — and again, as if on a school break.

Ninety five million eight hundred seventy five thousand seven hundred eighty two

Play beach volleyballSurely somewhere nearby there is a special area (or lake shore), where people with a volleyball ball and play in the most that neither is a special beach volleyball. May be, it is possible to find them and join?

Ninety five million seven hundred sixty thousand one hundred fifty seven

PicnicGood combined with a trip to the Park, by the way. You can just make sandwiches, stock up on juice and get the blankets in the middle of nature. And you can do a picnic theme. For example: today we eat only fruit! And to ask guests dress code: everyone should come in red.

Seventy seven million one hundred thirty seven thousand eight hundred fifty five

To go to the zoo or aquariumIf you are a city dweller, the most common of those animals that you come across is cats, dogs, pigeons and sparrows. And crows. But this is not the whole range of living beings in nature! Trip to the zoo, terrarium, aquarium and other places where there are brothers our smaller, can greatly broaden the horizons and view of the world. And contribute to our harmonization.

Ninety million four hundred twenty three thousand thirty four

Not to sleep all nightAnd to see the sunrise. Almost the shortest night of this year from Saturday 20 June to Sunday 21st. You can stock up on interesting movies, tea and cookies until dawn to enjoy them. And then throw on a windbreaker and go on a warm summer night, watching the sky slowly getting brighter, a crimson streak grows, the neighboring house is first painted pink and then Golden, and here comes the new day!

Nineteen million eight hundred fifteen thousand two hundred thirty two

Launch fireworksSimply so.

In honor of summer.published 

Eighty three million nine hundred sixty nine thousand six hundred nine

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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