You are manipulated and you manipulate if...

If you upset the balance "payment-received". If you give less or more energy and time than agreed, this manipulation. And including from your side, because "good intentions road to hell."

... the balance areas of responsibility. You carry around what arrangements do others, or others do for you what is assigned to you.

... if via different communication channels transmitted ambiguous and conflicting information, such as:
— the word\intonation. Talking about feelings in a monotone voice.
— the words / emotion. To talk about respect with contempt.
— action\the situation and the context. Acting like a baby in the negotiations. Behave like a chief in the family.
— intention declared aloud the\real action. To claim one, to make another, or even ignore. It's all classic manipulation.

... if the opportunities that you have and the rules you must meet, there is an obvious gap. It is a common tool of manipulation in business and state structures. To set goals so that by the rules they were impossible to fulfil.

... if it disrupts emotional integrity of the participant. Any changes in emotions is a sign of influence.

... the invasion of personal territory. By contrast, ignoring the contact in the declared relations.

... regular call you stereotypical behaviour and getting into the same condition with the same people(usually helpless)

... unreasonable lack of time and resources. Or, conversely, delaying decisions and delaying negotiations.

All this manipulation. It's not bad, not good. It's natural. And actively used by all of us. The only question is two points:

1. Are we aware of their intentions when affect.

2. If you do not agree in the beginning about the rules of the game, and if you compromise on the agreements in the course of the relationship, you are being manipulated, allowing the other person to lose yourself in the illusion of their absolute impunity.published


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