Games, developing the moral qualities of children

Games for kids there are a wide variety – some develop memory, others it baby, others aimed at the physical development. In this set there are games, developing moral qualities of the child.

"Box of good works"

Cut out of colored paper circles or hearts. At the end of each day invite a child to put in the "piggy Bank" so many circles, how many good deeds he did. If the baby is difficult, help him find it a good thing, even in the smallest of positive actions. This game will encourage the baby to do something good.

"Throw away the anger"

Give your child a black cloud or dark blobs, offer to put them in a bag. Thus encourage your child to tell how bad things were with him today. Agree with the kid that you put your anger, resentment or other negative emotion into this bag and go throw it away.

"Affectionate names"

Game collective, raising a friendly attitude one child to another. Players must stand in a circle. One participant throws the ball to another, calling him affectionately by name. Example: Sergei, my friend, Olga, etc. the Second player following throws. The winner is the one who called more affectionate names.


Invite the children to sit in a circle and hold hands. Each child must say something kind and nice to your neighbor sitting next to. The one who designed the compliment says, "Thank you, I am very pleased". And then he says the compliment to the next child. When the kid is at a loss to say something, the adult should help him to find the right words.

"Pyramid of love"

Recall with the children that we all have something we love. Someone's family, someone's doll, and some people just like ice cream. Invite the children to build a pyramid of love. Adult begins to build, calling that he loves and puts his hand in the center. Then each child describes what he likes or is sympathetic and puts his hand on top. Thus, the result was a pyramid.published



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