Without tablet and computer: game for kids 4-6 years

We live in an age of excess information. Educational games, special programs and cartoons of the parents do not enjoy these benefits of civilization, to borrow a favorite child? We are accustomed to the fact that information technology has become part of our everyday life.

Meanwhile, more and more child psychologists and neurologists are sounding the alarm — you could become addicted! The tablet and the computer are gradually replacing real communication. Relaxing or active games for kids that require direct contact with the world around me gradually fading.

Many children today learn to use a computer before she could read or even to speak normally. This adversely affects the communicative ability, vocabulary (especially passive) and behavioral strategies. In addition, excessive information devices:

  • significantly slows the development of speech,

  • limits fine motor skills,

  • inhibits the development of hearing and touch,

  • increases the level of nervousness and irritability as a result of which many children are naughty, bad sleep and even begin to suffer from different diseases are psychosomatic in nature.


"But what to do? – ask the parents. – Something to occupy the kids in the evening, if not cartoons?"

Especially for you we have selected the best playtime for children 4-6 years without a tablet and computer. These games require little or no training, and all the necessary props you can find at home.


Quiet games for children 4-5 years

1. What does it cost to build a house?

This game is great for a weekend or holiday. It awakens the imagination, teaches to work in team and helps to learn basic concepts of space, geometric forms and the laws of physics.

Invite a child to build a house out of scrap materials.

It can be chairs, blankets, furniture cushions, junk pieces of plywood, a clothes dryer or any other items. The more diverse your construction resources, will be more interesting to play! Be sure to help your child during the construction, however, may be the main source of all the ideas he is.

Of course, the first few ideas will fail. Use them to explain, show or teach some kind of skill, for example, the ability to tie tight ropes. And don't forget to build a house there, he will not be anyone to interfere with the pleasure of construction may extend over several days.

2. A fabulous artist.

This game trains fine motor skills and develops artistic taste and imagination, helps to concentrate. It is suitable for everyday life because it helps relieve stress after a long day in kindergarten.

Select one or two favorite stories and encourage your child to draw something simple (an Apple, a car or a dog), as if it drew the hero of the tale. For each picture you have to use other materials. For example, suppose that Malvina will first depict his poodle Artemon colored pencils, then house — paints, and flowers from the garden, something unusual.

As such unusual materials you can use paraffin or soap, which is applied on top of watercolor, fruit juice, or other colored products, colored washing powder or semolina, shaving foam. In addition, you can use ordinary paint, but to paint with a sponge for washing dishes, a piece of gauze, a leaf from a tree, toes or even shoelaces.

3. What is it?

This is a classic game that will brighten up your family night. It structures it, it helps the development of logical and creative thinking.

Collect in a pouch or a bag a few small items. It can be toys, household items, kitchen utensils, clothes – anything. The only condition is the familiarity of the child with this subject. Leading takes the bag, turns away, pulls out something and trying a few words (usually adjectives) to describe what he had in his hands. Other participants have to guess. For example, the presenter took out a bag of winter socks. He says, "knit, warm received from grandmother." The one who guessed becomes the master.

4. Games with cards and paper.

These include paired cards for memory, puzzles, puzzle, and children's card games. They are great for any day of the week, but require some preparation.

If you have no similar games, try with your child to draw a color picture (or paint ready), then cut it into pieces and fold again. Children love to create and draw table games, the rules to which they also develop themselves.


Quiet game for children of 5-6 years

Everything is already listed quiet games for kids you can use as well for older children. However, there are still two great games that are suitable for older preschoolers.

1. Forest newspaper.

This is a real long-running project that can occupy your child for a few days. This game not only fulfills the skills of reading and writing (if they already have), but awakens the imagination, the ability to allocate and structure the information, and the ability to set goals and achieve them.

Prepare a sheet of drawing paper, pencils, markers, glue, unwanted magazines and scissors. Tell your child the rules of the game. You can think the tale that the animals in the forest decided to publish their own newspaper, but they fail and ask for help. And it is possible, conversely, to give a serious business task. Eyeliner to the game depends on the inclinations of the child.

For Newspapers you can use collage, cut out pictures or individual letters, drawings, short texts or words. If you own such a session interesting, you can talk a little bit about publishing and try to make the newspaper "really".

2. Côte Bayun

This game is suitable for weeknights, just before the evening ritual. It promotes good mood, contributes to the development of musical hearing, sense of rhythm, imagination.

Arrange a competition on knowledge of the larger number of soothing songs and lullabies. Everyone has to sing one after the other and the one who sings last, will be deemed the winner. Songs can be more or traditional, invented or established, you can even sing something in a fictional language. The main criterion for a song is the melody lyrical and soothing.published


Each child will come in due time

Do not make children the meaning of all your life


Source: dreamsong.ru/calm-games-without-comp


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