SAMSUNG has introduced a monitor with wireless phone charging

Samsung has introduced a monitor that can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a device for wireless transmission of energy. The South Korean manufacturer claims that the SE370 is the world's first monitor with the function of wireless charging of mobile devices.


Monitor Samsung SE370, which is available in two versions with different screen size (23,6 and 27-inch) has two main functions: displaying digital content and charge the smartphone.

SE370 frees the workspace of unnecessary wires to charge your mobile devices, — stated in the message Samsung. It is also noted that the monitor works with all mobile devices that support Qi wireless charging standard.

Obviously, Samsung makes a lot of sense. Today for wireless charging used charging stations that require a separate seat. The monitor is perfect for this – he is constantly connected to the network and is always in its place.



It's simple: you place the device on the charging pad. Charging takes place automatically. About the beginning of the charging process says the green led on the monitor.

Monitor SE370 also has a mode of respect for the eyes, which reduces the harmful effects of blue light on the body. This is due to the optimization of image quality under the conditions of external lighting.

SE370 has the following key features:

— Panel type: PLS
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixels
— Response time: 4 MS
— Brightness: 250 CD/m2 screen with a diagonal of 23.6 inches and 300 CD/m2 for the 27-inch version
— Contrast: 1000:1
— Viewing angle: 178 degrees
— Color: glossy white
— Interface: 1 HDMI (1.4), 1 DP (1.2), 1 D-Sub
— Compatibility with operating systems: Windows (including Windows 10) and Mac

Unfortunately, Samsung did not provide information on prices and supply terms SE370. published

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