Why argue it?

You try to avoid any disputes in order not to provoke conflicts? Know this: the controversy is a must!

We're talking of course not about the ugly scandals in which the truth eventually die even before they are born. When two opponents, not hearing each other, trying to humiliate the interlocutor and to show "who's boss". We are talking about a normal civilized discussion in which each party gives its point of view and listens to the opponent. And then decides to agree with him or not.

Why argue it?

— To clarify the position. Your friends and relatives – not clairvoyants, they can't read your mind and do not know of your plans until they are announced. Until you agree with them, they believe you hold the same views as them. Well, where mom finds out you don't like those gaudy blouse that she gives you, if you won't say it out loud? As your colleague will understand that you don't think she's talking too loudly on the phone in a common area and prevents you from working?

— Benefits relationship. Contrary to popular belief, silence disagreement does nothing to improve the quality of the relationship. For example, you don't like that my husband insists on going to sea, but decides not to argue: why sharpen? Eventually go to a resort, which you hate, get annoyed at every little thing and in the end, sooner or later, you gotta take it out on the husband. And for some trifling reason. If you immediately start arguing with the husband, to avoid the accumulation of negativity and would not go half a month of angry and disgruntled.

— New knowledge. Disputes learn a lot. Teach you to compromise and it is logical to Express their point of view. Learn to control your emotions and not succumb to manipulation. And of any dispute, you can read some facts that I would never have visited if not to discuss. For example, the fact that the chief is planning to reduce budgets, you can find out when going to argue with the chief about the cost of your new project. Agree: this information may be useful to you in the future.

— Mind training. Nothing trains your logic as the defense of their position. You need to prepare such arguments are difficult to disagree, you have to show your analytical mind and prestressing memory.

— Quenching character. In the collision of two opposing points of view you will inevitably have to show their character. Yes, by nature you are gentle man, but life is such that from time to time it is necessary to show rigidity. Controversy is the best practice for this.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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