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Writing about it is not wanted, but people older and clever advised to do this. Study in Moscow for 5 years. Last Wednesday I went to the University. As usual, running late as usual, my ears another uplifting music and thinking about the upcoming state exams and standing in a crowded car, rhythmically pulling one paw to the beat of a playing song and habitually holding pocket, in which lay the phone, looked at the people around. Nearby were two lads aunt in an immense fur coat and an elderly man in a good coat, a fur hat and with a bright scarf at the neck. Actually, I looked at his scarf, thinking about what it was tacky. And he is not very firmly stood on his feet. Or rather, almost did not stand.

Forty two million nine hundred sixty two thousand nine hundred four

Removing the headphones, I began to listen to what they say about it boy, those island on the theme "the middle of the day, and already drunk Kaku". Deciding that the same person is in the muffler really drunk, I covered his ears, beginning to recall his turbulent youth and started thinking. After all, drinking so much that you can't stand, you are going to exude a specific fragrance, which is not to score chewing gum, toothpaste and Cologne. From the man in the scarf did not smell at all. It was weird. From the car we went together. He, swaying and almost falling, went in the direction of the transition on a gray branch. I'm weighing whether to not think all day about what could help a drunk person to avoid falling under a train has passed by.

... swore to himself, but walked up to him and asked if everything was okay. The man replied — and it was scary. Because he MIXED up the SYLLABLES IN WORDS. Realizing my face that something was wrong, he anxiously looked at me. Remembering one time tirazhirovatjsya in the social. networks post descriptions of the signs of a stroke, I breathlessly asked him to smile. The request was strange, I had to persuade him: "please, smile! Beautiful young girl asks You smile won't you smile?"He tried to smile. A smile stretched on a floor-persons. IT WAS A STROKE!

What happened next? Then I put it on the bench and called the ambulance. Shouting over the roar of the trains, I argued with the operator of an emergency, because I annoyed voice dictated seven-digit number — the "doctors of the Moscow metro there and call". Sragow three-story structure, the meaning of which boiled down to the fact that on my lap dying man, calling from the underground is noisy, and IT's YOUR JOB, got what I was told, "don't worry, the team is leaving".

Next was the 20 minutes that I will never forget. Lying beside a man who was pale, was green — dying in my eyes. With people passing by, whom I begged to at least walk to my aunt in the booth escalator and say what's going on, or fetch a policeman, and who either were just passing by, stayed and said, "girl, I don't have time" and left. Then the ambulance arrived. The man quickly loaded onto a stretcher and... the nightmare continued. I know — rush hour, all late, all the time. But what you need to be to NOT SKIP DOCTORS WITH a STRETCHER ON WHICH LIES WHITE AS a SHEET PEOPLE?! That is, it is a rhetorical question. You have to be SOULLESS crowd.

After a couple of hours they called me the boy from the brigade, who took my number and said that the man in the car died at the entrance to the hospital too long he waited for help and did not. I don't even know what his name was. But now I know terrible, terrible thing — I can die in front of several hundred people, and no one will stop. I will not — but THEY are NOT LATE. And you can only rely on yourself, Yes a little bit on God. And yet — I vowed not to write in the social. network all calls and the like. BUT PLEASE! Sometimes hop off from their thoughts and look around. Please, even if you think that the person next to you drunk, crazy, inadequate, do not be afraid to come up and look closely, whether it is alcohol, drugs, mental illness. High bad that can happen to you — you send long road to hell. BUT IT'S NOT SO BAD! And maybe you will save someone's life? Or, at least, will give him a chance in this life to fight".

And yet... it takes only one minute to read the following... Neurosurgeons say that if they within 3 hours are in time to the stroke victim, consequences of an attack can be eliminated. The trick is to recognize and be diagnosed stroke and to start treatment in the first 3 hours — which, of course, is not easy.

Recognize stroke: There are 4 steps to recognizing a stroke:

— ask the person to smile (he will not be able to do it normally);
— ask to speak a simple sentence (eg. "Good weather today");
— ask to raise both hands (can not or can only partially);
— ask to flick out tongue language (if the language twisted, turned a symptom).

If problems arise even with one of these jobs — call the ambulance and describe the symptoms over the phone. One cardiologist said that by sending out this message to at least 10 recipients, you can be sure that someone's life — maybe yours will be saved. We send every day so much "garbage" around the world, what can you give to put the wires do something useful and necessary?


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