Birch tar: the incredible healing properties, and advice of traditional medicine

Birch is revered by our ancestors, and all that she gave – the wood, the bark, the leaves, considered medicinal. It is from birch bark, our ancestors learned, by dry distillation, extract of birch tar, having applications not only in medicine but also in households: for lubrication of
rubbing parts of wagons, carts, carriages, to give colour, Shine and protect leather products. In addition to birch, there are juniper, pine and beech wood tars.

1 diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, stroke

Ingestion of from 1 to 10 drops, increasing the dose by a drop each day on tbsp milk (preferably peanut) or carrot juice. Then from 10 to 1 drop, reducing the dose drop by drop. Take 20 minutes before food once a day.

2 Hemorrhoids

Take 1/2 a piece of brick (red), heat it on gas or stove. The heated bricks to put in the empty iron bucket, drip 2 drops of tar on the brick, go smoke. Sit bare ass on a bucket (not a brick!) for 15-20 minutes. No longer will sit, will be very warm vapor. Do this procedure at night before bedtime. Go to sleep. In the morning you get up, the pain will not. And after 6 days, all your bumps will resolve.

3 Psoriasis

Sore spots grease cleaned of tar, mixed with ashes from burnt birch. Proportion: 3/4 and 1/4 of the fly ash.

4 Eczema

2 tablespoons of tar, sulphur flammable tbsp, 1/2 tbsp beeswax, tbsp honey, tbsp. of powdered copper sulphate, tbsp of vinegar 4 tbsp of sunflower oil. Mix well, and then for 20 minutes to heat it over low heat, stirring constantly the mixture to cool. The resulting ointment to lubricate the affected eczema area with a thin layer.

5 Trophic ulcer

Take equal parts of tar and juice of Kalanchoe. Mix it all together. Soak a bandage and apply on the ulcers as a compress. After 3 treatments the ulcer will not heal.

6 throat Cancer, stomach

Drink Berestovo tar (if healthy kidneys) with warm milk (preferably peanut). On the first day the milk dripping a drop of tar. Second day — 2 drops, the third 3, and so bring to 20 drops. After that slow down the intake of tar, gradually leading to a drop.

7 Infection of urogenital

Drink Berestovo tar on the scheme, as in paragraph 1. In addition, from birch tar prepare tar water. Lye water is basically proven for the treatment of children and those individuals who can't bear the smell of tar. Tar water cure diseases like constipation, asthma, water disease, hair loss, skin pigmentation, small pox, gangrene, erysipelas, scabies, leprosy.

8 Preparation of tar water

Take 4 liters of cold spring water (cleaned and thawed) 500 g of tar, mix with a wooden stick for 5 minutes. Vessel close tightly for 2 days to let the tar settle. Carefully remove the foam fly, not shaking, drain the clear liquid and store it in a tightly sealed container (bottle). The remaining tar is already the healing properties has, is for household purposes. Good tar water is clear and the color is reminiscent of a good dry wine.

Dosage of water intake inside: adults 100 g in the morning for 15-20 minutes before meals; children 50 g in the morning for 15-20 minutes before meals; infants 2 to 4 teaspoon 2 times a day an hour after eating.

9 hair Loss

RUB the head of tar water, in just a short time to grow thick hair.

10 pigmentation of the skin

Drinking the tar water and RUB it into the affected skin.

11 Cystitis

5-10 drops of birch tar to annoy a glass of warm milk (preferably peanut), stir and take 1/2 Cup 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 5 days.

12 psoriasis

St. L. berestovoi of tar mixed with 3 tbsp. of fish oil, spread with the ointment cloth and tie it to deprive. The course of treatment — 10 days, 30 minutes each treatment.

13 Athlete

Athlete's large folds, athlete's foot, nail.

These diseases are well treated by 5-10 %-th sulfur-tar ointment.

14 Trophic ulcer

Birch tar mixed with the juice of Kalanchoe in equal parts 1:1. Apply on the ulcer bandage in the form of a compress. The course of treatment — from 3 to 5 treatments.

15 sore throat

10 g Berestovo tar, 30 g of calendula, 40 minute simmer in a water bath (oil prepared from the flowers of marigold: 10 flowers g, 10 g of sunflower oil). Drip on language 5-6 drops and suck for 2-3 minutes.

16 Breast

To some instant sugar to put a drop of tar and suck until the sugar has dissolved, then wash down small amounts of water. Constantly adding to one, to increase the number of tar up to 20 drops and back drop, as mentioned in paragraph 6. 2-3 months to rest and drink again. The treatment is long, 2 years.

17 nail Fungus

Wash and steam the feet in warm soapy water to cut my nails. The legs are wiped dry, especially between toes. A cotton swab moistened with tar, spread with all the nails, trying to push the tar under the nails. After 10-15 minutes, the tar remove with a cotton swab. During these 15 minutes, the tar has already managed to soak into the skin and will be there to fight the fungus. It is necessary only to wash the feet of soap, tar, almost washed out from under the fingernails and from the skin.

Foot wash as you want, when you want. But remember after washing, be sure to smear the nails with tar. If there is itching and fissures between the toes, the tar does not smear, and to do the following: tsp of tar, 3 tsp of sunflower refined oil mix and smear between the toes, after 20 minutes to remove.

First one day to smear, 2 days — rest. Then two days to smear, 3 days rest. Finally, one day, to smear, 3 days rest. And so to smear before the end of the first month.

2nd month: 1 time in five days.

3 months: 1 time in 10 days.

Also, don't forget to disinfect old shoes: the fungi can live for a long time. The infection is killed when put in a Shoe a piece of cotton gauze soaked with tar.

18 Diseases of the joints

Pour into the palm a bit of tar and smear patient's joint. As soon as the start joint to pinch or tingle, immediately remove the tar with a soft cloth. It will take about 15-20 minutes. An hour later the joint to wash with soap and a washcloth. Tar did their job, ie, smashed salt. The next day to put on the aching joint clay (any — white, blue, red), only that the clay was sand, sticky. Diluted cream until thick. And spread the patient's joint. Cover is not necessary. After a while the clay will dry and pull the skin. Thereby to pull salt from the joints. The joint will be seen salt and it tastes salty. The clay at the joint to keep time at the discretion of the patient, as there may be severe pain when pulling salts.

Treatment scheme: 1-day treatment with tar. 2nd day — treatment with clay. Vacation — 2 days. 5-day — treatment with tar. 6 day — treatment with clay. Stay — 3 days. 10-day treatment with tar. 11-day — treatment with clay. And that's all. Relief must come, or even recovery. You can repeat the treatment according to the scheme.

19 Thrombophlebitis, stroke

To drink birch tar under the scheme referred to in paragraph 6.

20 TB

To drink birch tar from 1 drop to 40 drops, increasing the dose by a drop each day, then reducing the dose from 40 drops to 1. After 2 months, the course of treatment repeat. Tar drink with milk (1 tbsp), peanut better.

If the patient after removal of tar from the skin redness or the skin is wet, then after 1-2 hours after removal of tar, apply a zinc paste or zinc water mixture.


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