Purify the body undeservedly forgotten old-fashioned way!

About half a year ago I was given a recipe whose results I was shocked!

Already half of the course, pure skin, 100% free from acne. Soft and perfectly delicate skin of the entire body like silk!

You will forget about constipation! Say goodbye to the toxins, which until that time, gave volume to the stomach! Stop aching! And no sweating!

The recipe is as follows:

1. Buy at the pharmacy birch tar and pipette.

2. When you go to bed, on a small piece of bread dripping 5 drops of birch tar, chew quickly and swallow. First it will be unpleasant but will gradually get used to it.

3. The next day drip 6 drops, and so increasing by 1 drop daily and get to 10.

4. Take 10 drops in 2 weeks, then start decreasing one drop and reach 5 drops. The whole process took 24 days!

5. After chewed a small piece of birch tar, no drink and no snack! Doesn't matter black or white bread. Most importantly, the procedure was daily for 24 days with no gaps — "zabyvanie".

6. Do not overdo it — to carry out the procedure twice a year — in spring and autumn.

For the aged! (This part is optional!)
TWO weeks after the procedures with bread, the same (the second process) is performed, but not on the bread and a slice of Apple, which never lingers long, and soon enters the intestine, where it continues cleansing the body!

For information:

Birch tar is an oily, dark, characteristically smelling liquid.
Has a strong antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antiseptic...
It is widely used for the treatment of various diseases:

sore throat chronic,
— dropsy,
— hair loss,
fungal diseases of the skin,
— gangrene,
— bronchial asthma,
— long-term healing of tropical ulcers,
— scrofula,
— expressions of the intestines,
— hysteria
— itching of the skin,
— splinters,
— oily skin,
— skin ulcers,
— rash,
— night blindness,
— bleeding,
— urolithiasis,
— mastitis postpartum
— microbial eczematoid,
— tumors, smallpox, sores,
— psoriasis,
— digestive disorders,
— leprosy,
— injuries of the skin,
— pityriasis versicolor,
— corn painful
— chronic eczema
— chronic inflammation of the middle ear
— pulmonary tuberculosis,
— scurvy,
— scabies,
— psoriasis,
the athlete's groin,
— athlete's foot.

In the treatment of skin diseases: scabies, eczema, scaly lichen, psoriasis, various rashes and sores – apply pure tar.
He is also part of the Vishnevsky Ointment, tar soap, etc".

Each for himself must decide whether to drink tar or not to apply — or not. You can look for additional information in books, the Internet, talk to a doctor you trust, and make the final decision.

(contraindications - pregnancy, breast feeding, allergies) published

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