Facial massage of all three movements from joëlle ciocco

To prolong youth is possible in 3 minutes a day! Do not believe? French beautician with a melodious name joëlle ciocco known thanks to its own development of facial. It can be used to achieve better blood circulation in the face and keep it young much longer.

The facial skin is sensitive to external factors, so it is aging faster than the rest of the body. However, with the help of massage can accelerate the regeneration of cells, improve the complexion, restore skin elasticity and a delicate blush! Massage increases the effectiveness of cosmetic products applied afterwards.


The facial consists of three main movements, each need to do for one minute.

1. Move from the top down: from forehead to décolleté. You need to press simultaneously the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands. This exercise reduces swelling of the face, smoothes the skin surface, the active effect increases the flow of lymph.

2. The thumb and forefinger of both hands to gently grab and lift the skin, but do not stretch her too much. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes, but proceed gently and carefully, as it is more sensitive. This massage improves skin elasticity and makes wrinkles less visible.

3. Relax your hands and fingers to Pat myself in the face. Such wonderful pats stimulate blood circulation, cause the skin to tone and refresh the complexion.

Massage effective for women of any age and with any skin type. Take quite a bit of time (3 minutes!) every day and in a week you will be happy with the result. The face becomes more manicured, smooth out wrinkles, narrow pores, cheekbones become sharper. You radiate beauty and freshness!

A short help. Madame joëlle ciocco, biochemist with specialization in the field of plants, over 35 years of experience in the field of professional cosmetology. It introduced the concept of "ecology of the skin" and came up with ways to restore it. Joëlle ciocco believes that types of leather there are so many people on the earth, and the beautician it is important to analyze several aspects of the skin: genetics — what is given by nature; the memory that has accumulated as a result of adverse impacts of external and internal factors; plus to give an objective assessment of the current condition of the skin.published


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Source: ecobionatura.ru/stati/massazh_lica/


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