Disorders of the thyroid gland: treatment with herbs

The sword and shield of the body — anciently so called thyroid. This little gland has always considered "the first Bastion" on the border of human health, it first engages in battle and protects us. It is difficult to find a man completely healthy, and the reason for this stress, environmental degradation, unnatural food etc. And few people pay attention to the thyroid: does not hurt, okay. Even those who found her a visible increase, swollen lymph glands clavicle. And in vain. In violation of thyroid disease directly piles fall down, get sick other organs such as the chain. But to help our "little shield" nature will raise your invincible "green shield".

The best helper for your thyroid has long recognized the cocklebur. It is no accident people, this plant and called respectively — zapovidny, zobaty, zabnik. To determine the cocklebur easily by the thorns — they are oblong, sitting at the base of the leaves, which are similar to a large hand.

Jimsonweed contains a glycoside contractionary, alkaloids, flavonoids, coumarins, resins, saponins etc. In all parts of the plant a lot of organically bound iodine. In folk medicine of different countries it is used to treat cancers of the bladder, paralysis, tumors of the throat, tumours of the lungs (breathing the smoke from the seeds) and, of course, goiter.Cocklebur need to harvest closer to the fall, when it accumulated the largest amount of nutrients. You can harvest the whole plant, the earth to shake (do not wash!) and so dry. And cut just before use. Store in a cardboard box (with no air turned bad). Barbs of cocklebur are harvested Mature.

— In the winter it is good to prepare the juice cocklebur 1:1 with vodka, drink it 20-25 drops per glass of water 3 times a day after meals. This tincture and smeared the thyroid 2-3 times a day.

Or teaspoon chopped dried cocklebur brewed Cup of boiling water. Do not boil, hover for 30 minutes, covered with something warm. Also drink a warm glass of after meals.

— You can also a tablespoon of cocklebur to make a glass of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, to insist 20-30 minutes, drink a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

Our other defender is Aconite, which is often called "king-potion". Deadly poison — he overcomes a deadly disease: cancer (especially of the organs located above the waist: stomach, lungs, esophagus, throat, etc.), sarcoma, leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, diabetes, paralysis, tumor of the thyroid gland. Used in medicine in many countries. Necessary cirrhosis of the liver, diseases of the spleen, of the pancreas. Aconite is used since the time of Galen and Paracelsus, was well known in Ancient Tibet. The most severe form — Aconite Jungar. Nowadays, Aconite is used by all known healers of Russia. But it is necessary to strictly comply with the dosage! In ancient times, said: "In the drop — treatment, in the Cup poison." It is for drops use such strong herbs, as Hemlock, Aconite, milestones, mushrooms, toadstools, etc. In fact everything is poison, nothing is devoid of toxicity. And all of a cure. Only the dose makes a substance a poison or a drug.

We don't take pills by the dozens, don't eat kilograms of fennel or quinoa. In short, strict adherence to dosage — the key to not only safety, but also successful treatment.

Recipe medicines from Aconite: 12.5 g of Aconite root to 0.5 liters of good vodka. Infuse for 21 days, shaking. The color is supposed to be cognac, dark. Drinking the medicine is necessary, starting in the 1st day — 1 drop in warm tea, coffee, juice, water during meals 3 times a day. On the 2nd day drip 2 drops 3 times a day. On 3-th — 3 drops. So increase each day by 1 drop, get on the 10 day to 10 drops. 11th day — drink 10 drops. And then begin to fall drop by drop every day, and so on until 1 drops. This is the first course. Then 5 days break all over again. Spend three courses. And thyroid glands lubricate the morning and evening with tincture of Aconite.

And finally, I suggest to drink panzeri (stone grass) and lungwort. And after them the red brush and chasteberry.

I will particularly dwell on the past. Red brush does not know analogues in the world! The most powerful tool for immune support (especially after chemo, radiation, severe illness). It cleanses the entire body, refreshes the blood, must be for hepatitis, leukemia, diseases of the spleen, stabilizes the pressure, treats pancreatitis, rejuvenates the body, cures fibroids, endometriosis, inflammation, infertility, prostate, breast. For the treatment of thyroid red brush has long been used in the Altai.

Chasteberry also treats breast cancer, fibroids, impotence, diseases of the spleen, pancreas, liver, dissolves gallstones and necessary in the treatment of thyroid. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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