What can you tell us your temperature on the thyroid gland

Just want to warn you — test basal temperature, which will be discussed, despite the fact that it can help you to determine if you have an imbalance of the thyroid gland, should not be used as a substitute for proper medical examination.

You all know that thyroid hormones play an important role in metabolism. Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, increases your metabolism and, consequently, leads to a rise in your basal body temperature.

On the other hand, insufficient active thyroid or hypothyroidism decreases your metabolism and consequently causes low basal body temperature. Therefore, the assessment of body temperature can give clues regarding the function of the thyroid gland.

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Also, do you know what the tests for Hyper and hypothyroidism are not always accurate. Despite the sensitivity of all tests, which medicine today is that patients, a person with mild hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, the tests can still appear normal. But many people have the symptoms, suffering and complain that they can't find a doctor who would help them.

Doctor of medical Sciences Broda Barnes widely informed the public about the use of the axillary basal body temperature (BBT).

Dr. Barnes found that healthy, before getting out of bed in the morning basal temperature should be between 97,8 – 98,2 º F (36,6 — 36,8 ° C) (using a mercury thermometer under your arm for ten minutes).

If the average temperature during 10 days less 36,6 º C / º F 97,8 according to Barnes, the person may have hypothyroidism.

If the temperature consistently exceeds 37? C / 98,6 ° F is a sign that a person may have hyperthyroidism.

To measure BBT, use a good old glass mercury thermometer is actually more accurate for this purpose than any digital electronic thermometer. Shake it before bed and leave it next to him within reach.

The temperature is taken upon awakening before you get out of bed for any reason. As soon as you Wake up, with minimal movement, place the thermometer your armpit and leave it for ten minutes. Record the readings for ten days. Women who still have menstrual period should start this ten day period on the third day of its cycle. Men as well as girls and women who have no menstrual period, can measure the temperature at any time of the month.

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In Europe, they measure the temperature of the electronic thermometer in the mouth, and a mercury thermometer has long been a rarity. Therefore, in order to come to Ford Barnes — hold the thermometer in your mouth for five minutes, then subtract 1/2 degree from your result to make the temperature closer to the armpit, which, as a rule, below.

The average number of ten days is a very useful indicator, so the status of the overall condition of the thyroid gland in many people it may determine more accurately than blood tests.

But don't take it literally — "better than blood". As with many things, the statement is true for some people, but not true for all.

This diagnostic and monitoring method is used by many complementary and alternative practices abroad, but they warn that this should be part of an overall approach.

You might ask why our doctors do not use this method. Reasons for this are many. Perhaps because many of them have not read the book of the 1970-ies, "Hypothyroidism: the unexpected illness" Broda Barnes. In this book Dr. Barnes, a grandfather in the region of the thyroid gland, have put decades of their experience in a concise and easily digestible form. It is in her basal temperature test was first explained in detail, with appropriate justification and scientific research.

In addition, there are a number of problems with this theory. One of them is that most of the women have readings of basal body temperature below 36.4 ° C in the period before ovulation. Many healthy men have a normal basal body temperature below 36.4 ° C. the Temperature can be distorted by factors such as measurements at different times, alcohol, restless night, stress, illness etc.

However, Western doctors use this test and think that the temperature from 36.6 to 36.4 ° C degrees is considered evidence of possible hypothyroidism, and the temperature is less than 36.4 ºC degrees can indicate hypothyroidism. The temperature is below the 36.1 – 36.0 degrees Celsius suggests that the thyroid gland operates at a significant malfunction.

And I believe that the prudent physician and reasonable patient needs to use as many different clues and pieces of information as possible to make the sometimes difficult decision about whether to take up health issues like thyroid disease or not to consider.

For those who are already diagnosed, temperature chart is an extremely important feedback tool, which is a road map where you can see whether you are moving to or from health. It gives understanding as to working or not working, your treatment, whether you are on the right medication and/or proper dose as the body responds to medications, and also helps guide daily treatment program.

Below, for example, here is a graph of temperature, however, in the oral cavity, showing that we can see in a person with hypothyroidism receiving replacement therapy, and on average, good for her to meet. In hyperthyroidism the graph will be a mirror.

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  • A. persistently low temperature

  • B. After starting or increasing the dose of replacement thyroid hormone, the temperature steadily increases.

  • C. Stable, but ceased to grow: a constant temperature of metabolism, which can give the current meds.

  • D. Stable to 98.6 ° F — 37 ° C–in the end, when gets the proper dose of thyroid replacement medication, the temperature steadily kept at 37? C in the mouth! It should be noted that if the adrenals not able to keep this level of energy, you will see enhanced graphics (race) and the temperature drop. But about it in following articles.

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Today I made for you pure temperature graph that you can use.


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In conclusion, once again... basal temperature Test is not infallible. And, like any other test, should never be used separately, and you cannot rely on it alone, without a common approach to rule out a thyroid condition, or to dictate therapy. It's just a good piece of information that should be used wisely.



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