Surgeon with 50 years of experience Vasily Kapralov: many people acquire disease because of their laziness

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Character types in the Smoking roomThe most difficult Department in any hospital, in my opinion, is of purulent surgery. Each office has its own unwritten laws. In purulent surgery the place to discuss all the problems is Smoking. What is there to see the facial features! Looking at them, I recall the words of the great philosopher Seneca, who says that "a person's character determines his fate".

Just look at the bright red noses of alcoholics and yellow teeth of smokers, and it becomes clear why one amputated leg, and another surgery for stomach ulcers.

This, of course, extreme cases. But, alas, many get the disease because of his laziness and carelessness. They can't give up habits that destroy their health, such as overeating.

Those who are thrown into the stomach all around, like in the firebox, and even in huge quantities, often find themselves on the operating table because of acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, appendicitis. They forget the main rule should be when eating. Eastern wisdom says: "If you feel that a little bit not eat, so you ate, if you feel that you ate, then you've already overeaten".

I recall such a case. In purulent office from surgery, was transferred a woman who recently underwent surgery for cholelithiasis. This was due to the fact that she wound festering. She was very overweight – obesity barely squeezed in the door, even sideways. And although doctors told her that the impaired fat metabolism and stone formation was caused primarily by overeating, she could not refuse rich food even in the hospital. Well, what it has achieved by indulging your weaknesses? Surgical treatment was conducted, but the cause of the disease remained, and even added a postoperative complication.

Purification through the skinI have worked in purulent the Department for about 15 years. Analyzing the history of patients, trying to understand the reasons for the development of pyogenic infection. The result of this thinking has become an alternative surgical method, including the diet, application of herbal balms and use cold water.

To cleanse the blood and, consequently, the whole organism from toxins used hemosorption. It is prescribed for cirrhosis of the liver, extensive trophic ulcers, drug poisoning and in some other cases. So, my method has some similarities with the two methods. But if the conduct hemosorption patient was put in the hospital and hooked up to a machine implementing it, using my method, the purification can be performed at home in a natural way – by eating plenty of fluids and sweating profusely. Thus through the skin enter the balm of healing herbs, which stimulates all the organs and systems. After all, the most valuable medicine highlights the body!

Here are two examples. I was approached by the man running the phlegmon of brush. The skin was peeled off from cellulitis abundantly stood out the pus, and the axillary lymph nodes were enlarged and sharply painful, the temperature is high in the blood marked leukocytosis. I cleaned all the pus pockets and dead tissue and put a wrist bandage with antiseptics, and all hand – appliqued with the balm. Bandage balm was the same every day. Five days later, the inflammation has passed, and after nine brush did not differ from healthy.

Eight-year-old Sasha after a knee injury bothered severe pain. Leg ached not only for driving, but alone even touch the joint was not possible. The girl was unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics and other medications. When mom turned to me, I canceled all medications and began treating the girl diet and with applications of herbs. Soon Sasha recovered.

In "microbial Paradise," Department of purulent surgery, I realized the value of high temperature. At elevated temperature the body's defenses aktiviziruyutsya to fight the disease. So do not try to suppress the healthy temperature the reaction while taking the medication. To facilitate better use cold water (wraps or wiping), which acts naturally and gently, without bringing chaos into the immune system.

Signs of mobilization of the organism are also sweating and high blood leukocytosis. Then, from the body toxins and toxins. The more perspiration, the more chances of speedy recovery. Not by chance in ancient Egypt, it was decided to ask each other upon meeting: "How to sweat?»

Purulent infection loves heat and moisture. At least enough for some time to attach to the inflammation heat and wait for the abundance of pus in the subcutaneous tissue. Strongly recommend: at the first signs of inflammation, hyperemia (redness) and pain, immediately put on the sore spot hot water bottle, filled with cold water. If water taken from the tap, keep it 10 minutes if from the refrigerator 15 minutes. Change it every 20-30 minutes. While you should abandon heavy eating meat (and if you can, then do go hungry) and drink plenty of fluids: water, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices (not store-bought and fresh). Take decoctions and infusions of plants, increases the perspiration, lying in bed. To preserve the strength to fight the disease try to move very quietly to breathe.

If the branches of purulent surgery quickly resorted to such simple measures, complications would be much less.

Saves cold waterI recall that Hippocrates and Avicenna recommended to be treated with cold water. However, their experience over time, forgotten. One of those who reminds him, was Italian of Prisnitz. In diseases of the throat it is advised to drink SIPS of cold water throughout the day, and to improve circulation suggested to walk barefoot in the water. For the first time in the history of medicine, he entered medical practice in the wet wraps. The most famous follower prisnitsa was a monk Sebastian Kneipp, one of the leading healers of the NINETEENTH century. The followers of Kneipp was in Russia. In Moscow, Petersburg and other cities have opened spas, where he was treated the most affordable in the world of medicine is always available at hand.

Unfortunately, today many physicians look with great suspicion to this method. Remember, at one of our medical conferences, my colleagues almost "powder" washed the doctor who had treated a patient with pneumonia child cold water. Someone from the audience asked the critics, whether the recovered girl. He said: "I Recovered, but what was the risk!"So behind a screen of fear of risk hide those who are used to cut and assign on every occasion antibiotics. But the patients themselves in search of alternative therapies often turn to natural methods.

One famous Russian actress told me as she recovered from a severe cold. She got sick the day before an important tour. The temperature was very high – about 40, and the doctor offered her hospitalization. But she refused and began to be treated by the method of wet wraps: a sheet drenched with cold water, squeezed it, wrapped in a damp cloth and covered with several blankets. Every two hours she again drenched the sheets. By the middle of the night, the temperature began to decline markedly, and by morning, it was normal. A day later, the actress have already been able to go on stage.

How dangerous stressSo she was feeling good, it is important not only to use the natural means of recovery, eat right and cleanse the body, but to be optimistic, to get rid of negative emotions. Of course each of us has a lot of problems, which sometimes difficult to handle. Stress no one is immune, but we must be able to control himself. Remember what was said by the ancient sages: if you can't change the situation, change your attitude to it.

Try to follow this advice

Under stress the blood vessels constrict, they increased the pressure. This is one of the reasons of the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots, which can lead to serious diseases – heart attack, stroke, gangrene.

To withstand stress, do not worry trouble alone, not scroll infinitely unpleasant situation. Often meet friends, more likely to remember the happy moments – after all, their life a lot. More kidding. And don't miss the opportunity to laugh. Laughter is the most effective and safe medication.

Author: Vasily Kapralov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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