8 facts about the moon that you might not know

The first man stepped on the moon July 20, 1969, and this event is noted by the peak in the race for space exploration, which was developed ten years before between the United States and the former Soviet Union. Despite the fact that the Moon remains the only body besides Earth on which man I visited personally, very few know about the Earth's satellite all the details. Before you eight facts you might not know about the moon.



1. The moon revolves around the Earth

Instead, she travels to our planet — sometimes closer, sometimes further — rotation of the Earth around the Sun. The reason we think that the Moon revolves around the Earth, is that exactly what its motion looks like from our point of view.

We don't know how it looks on the big picture. Over the years, we have to understand that the Moon relative to the Earth, like the Sun. The moon does loops around the Earth, just as the Earth revolves around the Sun. The path of the moon goes around the Sun, and it moves in tandem with the Earth.

The path of the moon around the Sun looks something like this:


2. On Earth have a moon tree

Hundreds of tree seeds were brought to the moon during the mission "Apollo-14" in 1971. A former employee of the U.S. forest (USFS) Stuart Roosa took seeds as of personal goods in the framework of the project NASA/USFS.

Upon returning to Earth, these seeds germinate, and the resulting lunar seedlings were planted throughout the United States, in celebration of the bicentennial of the country in 1977.

3. There is no dark side

Put the fist on the table, fingers down. You see his back side. Someone on the other side of the table will see knuckles. About the way we see the moon. Because it is tidal locked to our planet, we will always see her with one and the same point of view.

The concept of the "dark side" of the moon came out of popular culture — remember album, Pink Floyd 1973 "Dark Side of the Moon" and the eponymous Thriller 1990 — and really means far, night. The one we never see and which is nearest the opposite side.

However, we have pictures of this "dark side".


4. On the length of time we see more than half of the moon due libration

The moon moves in its orbital path and is moving away from Earth (at a speed of about one inch per year), seeing our planet around the Sun.

If you looked at the moon in the approximation as its acceleration and deceleration in the process of this journey, you would see that she was swaying from North to South and from West to East in motion, known as libration. The result of this movement, we see part of the sphere, which is usually hidden (about nine percent).

However, we will never see the other 41%.

5. Helium-3 from the moon could solve the energy problems of the Earth

The solar wind is electrically charged, and from time to time faces the Moon and is absorbed by the rocks of the lunar surface. One of the most valuable gases that are in the wind and are absorbed by rocks, is helium-3, a rare isotope of helium-4 (which is normally used for balloons).

Helium-3 is perfect to meet the needs of fusion reactors with the subsequent generation of energy.

One hundred tons of helium-3 could meet the needs of the Earth energy for the year, according to the estimates of the Extreme Tech. The surface of the moon contains about five million tons of helium-3, whereas on Earth it is only 15 tons.

The idea is that we're going to the moon, mine the helium-3 in mine, we collect it in tanks and sent to Earth. However, it can happen very soon.


6. Is there any truth in the myths about the madness of the full moon?

Actually no. The assumption that the brain is one of the most watery organs of the human body, experiencing influence of the moon, rooted in legends, which several millennia, in the days of Aristotle.

Because the moon's gravitational pull controls the tides of the earth's oceans, and human beings are 60% water (and the brain by 73%), Aristotle and the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder believed that the Moon should have a similar effect on us.

This idea gave rise to the term "lunar madness", "Transylvania effect" (which became widespread in Europe in the middle ages) and "moon madness". Special oil poured into the fire the 20th century, linking the full moon with mental disorders, road accidents, murders and other incidents.

In 2007, the government of the British seaside town of Brighton ordered to send additional police patrols for full moons (and salary days too).

And yet science says that there is no statistical relationship between people's behaviour and a full moon, according to several studies, one of which was conducted by the American psychologists John Rotton and Ivan Kelly. It is unlikely that the Moon affects our psyche, rather it just adds a light, wherein whether to commit crimes.

In the 70-ies of the administration of Richard Nixon gave the stones taken from the lunar surface during the mission "Apollo-11 and Apollo-17", the leaders of the 270 countries.

"We would like to share these gems with all countries of our world," said astronaut "Apollo 17", Eugene Cernan.

Unfortunately, more than a hundred such stones were missing and, as expected, went to the black market. Working at NASA in 1998, Joseph Gutheinz even conducted a covert operation called "lunar Eclipse" to end the illegal selling of these stones.

What was all the hype? A piece of moon rock the size of a pea was estimated at $ 5 million on the black market.

7. The moon belongs to Dennis Hope

At least he thinks so.

In 1980, using a loophole in the United Nations Treaty on space assets 1967, according to which "no country" can not qualify for a Solar system, Nevada resident Dennis hope has written to the UN and announced that the right to private property. He didn't answer.

But why wait? Hope opened the lunar Embassy started selling odnoaktnaya plots for 19.99 dollar each. For the UN Solar system is almost the same as the world's oceans: beyond economic zone and belonging to each inhabitant of the Earth. Hope claimed to have sold the extraterrestrial real estate celebrities and three former presidents of the United States.

It is unclear, really hope Dennis doesn't understand the language of a Treaty or trying to get legislative power to make a legal assessment of their actions to the development of celestial resources began under more transparent legal environment. published

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