10 smart rules for a successful career

What's interesting eight hours a day to complete the tables in Excel or come up with new and exciting ideas? Annabel Acton offers are some recipes that help to give up from the boring routine and to begin, finally, to come up with something new.

We often think that to be innovative at work is simply impossible because it does not depend on us. Perhaps in your companies do not like risks and prefer to do things the old way, maybe you have ambitious and frightening target, and maybe you have such a long to-do list to start something new seems daunting.

Perhaps this is largely true. But still there are several methods and solutions which can adopt almost any — and upgrade their innovation muscles. The more you exercise it, the stronger, the better you do, and the harder you stop. Here are 10 such rules that you can try at work, and that will help you to be more creative every day.

1. Begin to hold meetings standing up

When you stand, your energy changes completely. And with it change and energy meetings. Arrange one standing meeting, and see how much faster everything goes, as far as more action and enthusiasm. Time will be less, and the motivation of the team will be more. You must first convince the chief? Toss him this article.

2. Around you should be sources of inspiration

As soon as you see the world is something that attracts attention, find a place somewhere near. It can be any discovery that is cool in the shop, unusually organized menu, even witty letter, reading that, you laughed. The more provocative this stuff is, the better? If you have a place on the wall, hang the clippings. But if you work in open space, where such a location, do it at least virtually, on Pinterest.

3. Find friend

Innovations rarely happen in a vacuum. Find a colleague with whom you are comfortable, and agree that you will reply to each other. Encourage him or her to try something new — may it be a new cafe where you dine, a new form of presenting ideas, reading articles on something inspiring, or just brainstorming. Together it is easier to do — and it turns out better.

4. Handle small projects

We often think that ideas have to be big, revolutionary, epic. But often, it is the innovation in the little things makes a big difference. Such innovation on a small scale is a huge advantage. It happens quickly and often without fanfare, but attracted the attention and interest of colleagues and superiors. So to pave the way for more ambitious and serious projects. Try as often as possible to change some little things: how do you subscribe to the emails, how do you reward yourself for good work, where you start the meeting.

5. Reconsider something familiar

We do a lot on the machine. This helps to successfully complete our work, but also fail to see new opportunities. Highlight all the tasks that you perform throughout the day, without hesitation. Take some time and discuss how they can do otherwise. Sometimes nothing will come of it. But often found a new way to do something, to which you have become accustomed.

6. Relive it

Stop talking, start doing! Turn thoughts into words, words into images, images into prototypes. When people see your idea in person, they are unlikely to forget it, treat it seriously, they want to participate in its development and implementation. Even a bad drawing is better than just text.

7. Apply the prohibitions

It seems a paradox, but the limitations and barriers to actually encourage innovation, force you to think more dynamically and creatively. As an exercise, ban something and see what happens. Forbid to use certain words, prohibit the use of some resources, don't allow yourself to think about a target market, disable the usual communication tools — and then your creativity will soar.

8. Get out of the office

Make it a rule to go out, even go around your block. On the road, pay attention to what I see. If you need discipline in the pursuit of inspiration, turn it into a game: look for anything that starts with the letter A, on the first day, with the letter B the second day, and so on. Your brain will begin to build bridges between what you see and the problems you left behind in the office. That's the beauty of our subconscious.

9. Boost your creativity

Too many people start the day with checking emails. Better upload in the brain, something that fostered creativity. Select any song which you really like, favorite podcast or blog and start there morning. This should be something that nourishes the imagination. You will be surprised how much it will change your attitude and your level of creativity throughout the day.

10. What would your hero?

When some problem makes you dizzy, let me go into battle heavy artillery. Keep somewhere near the list of their favorite artists. And when a problem occurs, refer to the list and ask yourself — what would they do to solve this problem? As Willy Wonka would solve the problem with packaging? As Coco Chanel would have coped with the problem of communication? As Salvador Dali optimized the supply chain? It will open your eyes.

These techniques may seem elementary, but taken together, they help you see the world in a new light. And that's the whole point of innovation is to see opportunity where others can't see it. The more you practice, the faster it will become your normal way of thought, and the more innovative the solution will penetrate your daily work.

Just remember: doing something new requires courage. Your actions will inspire someone from colleagues who want to join you. And in some days you will feel that you are too much taken. But just embrace your inner warrior and move on. And remember, any resistance can be overcome if you are sufficiently resistant. published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki


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