Babies smile in order to manage parents!

The fact that babies smile to manage your parents, I argued 15 years ago, but only in 2014 was held scientific research, which confirmed this experimentally. Studies of American experts from the University of San Diego have shown that babies smile, and with a purpose: specifically, to ensure that adults began to smile at them in response.

The experiment involved thirteen mom with their four children, and volunteers who interacted with puppets, robots, very similar to babies. The task of scientists was to understand why smiling children: they do it just like that? Or take into account certain circumstances?


The results were largely unexpected. First, it turned out that the infants in the area of relations with parents — not the cute bimbos and trained professionals. They behave as well as professional comedians who understand at what point the audience most prepared for perception of a particular joke. Specifically, the child smiles at mother or father when the parents are situated to smile in answer, and, moreover, when they are smiling as long as possible. These little "experts" in its four months already know exactly when and how to look at the parents to attract the maximum attention.

But that's not all. Studies have shown that babies smile at their parents it was not for the love of smiles and "happy", and to them smiling parents. It turned out that infants and their mothers a different strategy. If the mom strategy was "let there be more of our mutual time with a child of smiles", the strategy of infants is much more focused: "let there be more time, when I smile at the parents." Himself to smile just like that — no kids so not my problem... they Have a goal, the smiles of the parents and they achieve just that! published

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