Test on the level of female energy

Let's see how you have manifested the female energy.

Answer the following questions "Yes" or "no".

— Do you feel the joy of life, the taste of her? Do you feel that your life is full of pleasant and happy moments? It may be "tasty" meeting with friends, sincere conversations, a stunning dish in the restaurant, the warm sun on your face. And other pleasant things that make our life delicious and filled.

— Do you allow yourself a joy for your body? Massage, manicures, pedicures, Spa treatments and so on.

— You don't compete with men? You don't want something to prove to them and "make" them?

— You allow yourself to be frivolous? Fool around and enjoy life like a little girl?

— You spend time outdoors in beautiful places, pleasing your eye and lifts your spirits?

— Do you regularly do something with your hands? Embroider, paint, create, and create?

— You are engaged in bodily practices? Yoga, dancing and other practices of the body you are pleasant and cause a feeling of joy.

— Is it easy for you to ask for help other people? To accept help and support? To receive gifts?

— You don't take on the extra responsibility and allow others to make mistakes? You are trying to correct and stop other people when they're wrong? You do not criticize and do not try to do everything yourself?

For every "YES" put yourself 10 points. For every "NO" — 0 points.

0 – 40 points. You have a low level of female energy. Your leading energy is male. You find it easier to do everything myself than to ask for the help of others. You are competing with men and want to prove that you are the best! You are result-oriented and want to get it at any cost. And are in constant tension. You are afraid to relax, or to be weak. You constantly need to keep up. To be the main leader. You do not trust the space and believe that it is best to keep the situation under control. You are also very critical to your body, you do not like much, would you like to fix or change.

50 – 70 points. You have an average level of feminine energy. Do you use both male and female energies. In some situations you trust the space and allow him to help you. But there are questions that you prefer to keep everything under control, to achieve results. You can allow yourself some weaknesses and remain strong. It is important that you are not fond of the development of the male energy, which sometimes seems more attractive and productive female. You are able to listen to yourself, but you have some physical and emotional blocks.

80 – 90 points. You have a very high level of female energy. What about you say "a real woman". For you there is no competition with men. Because the man for you – just different. You know their advantages and disadvantages. And skillfully use and the fact. You can easily ask for help, to accept gifts and care. And you like to care for and help other people. You like to be in the process. You love to do something with his hands. In your life circumstances themselves formed the most successful way, the right people, resources and opportunities. You accept your body. Love, care and cherish him. You like to take care of themselves. You are very attentive to your own body and feelings.published


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