Exercises to slim calves

Unfortunately, almost all physical exercises tend to increase calves. This is especially true of static and strength training.

The basic formula of reducing the size of the calf aerobics combined with clear, quick exercises like step, and stretching exercises of the muscles of the legs.

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Lifting on socks. Stand up straight, put his feet shoulder width of the pelvis and feet should be parallel. Do the inhale and on the exhale, get up on your toes. Repeat exercise 25-30 times.


Rise on the toes on one foot. Stand up straight, body weight is fully translated into the right leg and the left pick it up, bending it in the knee. Take a deep breath and rise on the toe. For each leg repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

Another rise on toes, feet aimed slightly inward. Stand up straight, position the feet shoulder width of the pelvis, point the toes inward. Now inhale deeply and on the exhale, get up on your toes. Repeat exercise 25-30 times.

Sit on a soft rug or Mat keep your back straight, hands hold in front of you and sit in this position on the floor alternately, on the left, on the right side of the hips. Do as many repetitions.

Repeat this short set of exercises twice a day.

The problem of large calves, or pumped muscle with a relatively slim ankle and small knee joint often have dancers, athletes, excessive fitness, Jogging.

What else helps reduce calf? Diet with restriction of sweet, salty and fatty, self-massage, foot bath. Maybe you need to radically revise their food on the subject of proteins, and to temporarily reduce the amount of meat, milk, cheese, cheese and beans. This will force the body to decrease the excessive growth of muscle fibers.published 


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