Why with age our body accumulates fat and how to fight it

Over the years, our body starts reacting to the change in the weather and we are used to seeing folds of fat where before was adorned with the relief of muscle. What to do: bravely to age or to fight desperately with only one idea that the best years behind you? To find the answer will help Pamela Peak (Pamela Peeke), doctor of medical Sciences and a fellow of the American College of physicians.

Recently I was in the gym, where he worked on the relief of the biceps in the simulator. Usually, deal with the next set, I give myself a little rest: walk around the perimeter of the room and drink some water, ready to proceed to the next exercise. However, in that ill-fated day for some reason I decided to rest, looking at my body in the large wall mirror. My view was attracted by two little bodily creases that sort of look like dumplings, which is with almost perfect symmetry peeking out from the armpits.

"Wow! — I thought, — now I have two more Breasts! Damn." I immediately strained muscles, and a nasty bulge is gone. So what is it?

For many the answer will sound like a sentence: my body was subjected to age-related changes. In fact, to avoid this fate will not be to anyone, even athletes, dedicated sports his entire adult life. Over the years, the body composition is changing, this is especially noticeable after reaching the age of 40. Fat begins unevenly distributed throughout the body by operation of a number of factors. Let's see what it is.

Why fat becomes moreReduced levels of sex hormonesAfter a man turns 30, testosterone levels begins inevitably to fall an average of 1% every year. By the way, this is enough to allow the stomach a couple of extra layers of subcutaneous fat, which is the beauty of your "six cubes" does not give exact.

And the decrease in the level of testosterone will cause the fat will begin to accumulate deep in the abdomen, at the same time increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. First of all it concerns men who lead a sedentary lifestyle and overeat, consuming more calories than I can burn.

As for the women, when they reach 40 years old, they begin the next phase of life — the period of premenopause, which is still reproductive, the probability of pregnancy is already beginning to decline. Due to the declining estrogen levels are all the same age-related changes that imperceptibly change shape of the female body type "hourglass" "pear" .

This is because estrogen causes fat to be deposited on certain areas of the body: flanks, thighs, and buttocks serve as the storage of nutrients the body needs women for breastfeeding. Upon the occurrence of predmenopause the body fat begins to be deposited in the same pattern as that of the men: in and around the abdomen, in the form of making you more like a samovar.

In addition, women with all dimensions can observe the increase in breast size up to one full size. The growth of the bust is often accompanied by additional folds below his level, and also in the underarms. Voila, the secret of the appearance of "dumpling" is finally revealed! Don't forget, with age, externally changing absolutely everything, regardless of body Constitution. However, anyone who pays enough attention to health and sports are more likely in old age to look fit.

This slowed metabolism vasectomise on metabolic spend from 50 to 70% of our life energy. According to studies, after reaching the 25 years, the basal metabolism begins to decline by an average of 1-2% over 10 years by reducing daily calorie intake by 150-200 calories. By the time you turn 50 or 60 years, intensity of metabolism may be reduced by 5% in comparison with those who are half my age.

The reason for the slowing of metabolism lies in reducing the amount of muscle mass (with age we become inactive). However, in this case the changes will be almost imperceptible to those who regularly played sports throughout life, as their body is better adapted to physical activity and increased calorie consumption.

Nasledstvennosti at parents and other direct relatives, in appearance of which you can see the crown features. Of course, you are not necessarily going to look exactly the same at their age, but it is very likely. One thing is sure: a healthy lifestyle and enough physical activity the best way to affect your appearance at any age.

I want to note: good heredity is only half the battle. The key is a healthy lifestyle.

How to make a new my decided to publish photos of their "axillary dumpling" on his page in Facebook, accompanied by the following comments:

So, if you don't attach what to do with the extra folds in the underarms, means of struggle against them does not exist, and you know. Yes, you can and should follow the correct food portion size (we need less) and exercising, alternating weights and cardio workout. The complex of these measures will not solve the problem appearance completely, but will allow you to look extremely good for their (enter the figure yourself).

You know what? It's even good not to be afraid and not to hide from prying eyes the signs of aging! After all, you are here among all the other people on this Earth, and you still have enough courage and strength. You should be admired and be an example for those who have motivation will be smaller.

My tape Facebook exploded with inspirational comments, among which were many useful tips and opinions about how to keep your body in shape despite the age. And I decided to share these recommendations with everyone.

Rejoice that imameddin of those who did not hesitate to speak was Cynthia:

"I am 57 years old, and new creases on the body, I find almost everywhere. It seems that not a day goes by without such findings. But I'm thankful for the fact that for the past 18 years, I win in the fight against breast cancer".

Cynthia's words sound like the speech of a winner. She tries to live hard and sincerely enjoys every day.

You are dinocerata, another visitor to my Facebook page, writes:

"At least I'm not alone with their problems. We are all in the same boat and we must sail, to go forward, come what may, using all the opportunities given to us by nature."

Humble: age seperately and blogger Nora Ephron (Nora Ephron) succinctly expressed his thoughts about the physiological aspects of aging in the book "I hate my neck and other thoughts about women's share":

At the age of 55 years around your waist will certainly appear a "lifeline" even if all your life you were skinny. This will be especially noticeable from the back, so you have to work hard, going through your closet. Most likely, the first thing you will want to get rid of the shirts white.

But what a surprise, the reality has in store for Cassie, the author of another review:

"At first I thought it was the wrong size, ordered a sport top bras, which were too close for me. I also found a bulge in the armpit — the same as many people my age. I am 46 years old, I am a Pilates instructor and fitness to earn a living. So I was very surprised when I noticed those new wrinkles on your body. I'm in great physical shape and follow a diet, but they still appeared. Yes, my muscles are still in good shape, and is visible to the naked eye. However, the fact that my skin suddenly began to SAG under the force of gravity was the big surprise for me".

Good advice shared with me Lisa:

"When you have fifty or a little more, it is important to treat this fact with responsibility and understanding. Your body begins to work differently, and changing the pattern of distribution of subcutaneous fat, and even those who exercise regularly. I was one of them. My way of dealing with the consequences of age-related changes is very simple: get rid of the clothes that are more me not talking. Yes, God bless her! Wear something different and go for an hour and Hiking".

This is probably one of the most valuable tips in this case. Lead a healthy lifestyle, resist the attacks of old age! Rejoice in all your successes and keep your mobility, because you are doing everything you can. Do the same?

In the end, even if your body will be one or two more folds, is this a problem? Take a look at the participants of the World games sports veterans. Yes, they do not look as in his youth, but under their wrinkled skin visible to all those well trained muscles. And they strive to win no less the same.

Not ostanavlivaetsya you turn 45 or 50 years, that something in your body will certainly start to wobble and creak, creating obstacles to regular exercise. But I repeat: you don't have to stop.

Just wrote about this in his comments to my post in Facebook rice:

"Well, you do not hesitate to discuss this topic openly, she writes. Yeah, already heard the countdown, and every time, examining the wardrobe before the onset of autumn, I always find things to wear that will never be possible. While I weigh as much as weighed, married in 1984, but my body has long been different. Yes, the years do not spare anyone, but at sixty I still like to go camping, like 30 years ago."published

Author: Sergey Efimov


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