Polenta baked with cheese

If there is something that must be baked under the cheese, so this is polenta.

Boil in a 3-liter, thick-walled cast-iron skillet, pot, pot (cauldron, etc) water – based 4 volume water to 1 volume of corn grits.

Bring to boil water with barley. To reduce the intensity of heat under the saucepan to almost a minimum. Cook at low boil for at least 1, 5 hours stirring with a wooden phallus, adding liquid evaporates with boiling water.

A quarter of an hour until done, add salt porridge to taste and continue to cook until tender, just stirring with a wooden phallus.

When the quinoa is ready, add good butter in the amount of 100-150 g and stir. Sort pots or cocotte and sprinkle on top a layer of grated on a grater of cheese (a layer of cheese about 1 cm), preferably grade "sulguni" or "mozzarella", but it is possible and another white cheese ( "feta", etc.). Of course it is better if the cheese is homemade.

Bake in the oven at 200C for 20 minutes (to the top of the cheese a bit dried), covers don't cover.

If the cast iron pots and they are not large in size, they can be put on the hob, but on a divider, cover with lids and let them warm up to the cheese on the surface of the cereal has melted.

We must remember that the pot cannot be filled with porridge and cheese completely cheese during cooking is increased in size and the contents of the pot may fill an oven or cooking surface. Therefore, the level of cheese has to be below the level of the pot 1.5 cm, not less.

In corn porridge, baked with cheese, well served vegetable "salt pork" — salted cucumbers, capers, marinated tomatoes or pepper and very well – dried or roasted tomatoes.

Searing adjika is perfect for this simple dish. published


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