Inside I'm always going home

In the morning, standing on the balcony and absorbing the early morning noise of the yard (so green that it seems our ninth – we live in the moss), I think about our ability to create and accept change. Sudden as a dislocated jaw, and a slow – those that are barely noticeable today, but so palpable a year.

I'm listening to my body, I do not feel my age. I still 23, although nearly 30. I still have every day as a gift, and every night is like the first. Even when there is nothing, what I would like to remember when things are annoying, and people are upset.

In such curves the first days, perhaps you need to do is leave yourself alone. And instead of leaving in the astral plane just depressing to live this day on a tea spoon, from task to task. It is necessary to wash the Cup, come and my Cup, feel like foam, sponge, feel the temperature of the water. Need to write a letter to a client – sit down and write, slowly, almost gently, observing all the commas and capital letters, say at the end of a good day, thank for your attention.

It methodical execution of simple things helps gradually, step by step to return yourself. In fact – to take her arm and lead her out of the crowd home.

...When I do bad, I go down to the coffee point on the ground floor. There's a new girl, it's her first day, and instead of the usual hand-drawn syrup strawberries, stars and shells, she writes on the foam of my cappuccino "Be happy". And I take it not even as a sign – as a challenge.

Sometimes we have time to prepare for change, sometimes not. But actually still do not know what is better: to live a future event in mind, preparing and planning, or you can jump into it head first, as into a pool right now. Because life on the clean copy will not. The trial version is not provided. And AutoSave as a text editor, either: you should always be prepared for the fact that the world will end suddenly.

The people I truly respect, taught me that you have to believe in what you're doing, and the man I love – and nothing ever to fear. Do not think for others, don't try to find the subtext. And yet – not to try on wreaths with someone else's head nor Laurel, nor thorns.

The main barometer of correctness of the path – the inner sense. No matter what changes you dare to associate with someone in his life, to go to another country, to quit school, to change jobs or to go under the surgeon's knife. If the tuning fork sounds in the word "Yes", trust the road.

Strive to ensure that your clothes, your stuff, your looks and your life will do exactly what you've always wanted. After all, "only those stones that are put correctly, you can build something beautiful..." You can fend off his pack, to keep from worrying all the feathers, pale look, but if inside, you continue to hear "Yes" – no doubt.

In my life there were many moments when I had to make an important decision. Sometimes support was, more often it does not. But even better – helped to learn to rely on yourself and only yourself to be accountable. It's cool then, looking back to make sure that the choice made was the best possible. Not the easiest, not the easiest, not the most beautiful but really yours, and in the end led you there and to those who want to call "their".

Comes SMS:
"I'm building an apartment!"
Answer: "And I career!"
And then suddenly something hits us all together:
"Our boy was born strong and healthy."
And that's the spirit,
and just the beginning.


Author: Olga Primachenko

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