5 "green" technologies, because of which we do not understand why petrol is still popular

Alternative to harmful fuel safe 5 innovationScholars will always use statistics before making any statement. We are not scientists, we do not collect statistics, but we like to talk about things practical, and to use real arguments as evidence, disclosure automotive topics. That's why we've collected five reasons that we deem important enough to reveal all the "pros and cons" of a very important, exciting and frightening dilemma. The solution of which depends no less the lives of all people on this Planet.

About the problem and ways of its solution, in which we find ourselves, agreed not enough. The debate is like at the highest scientific level and are organized cabal in the kitchen for hot drinks. Someone with foam at a mouth proves, that IT is the end of us, others say IT's a myth. Anyway, the essence remains the same and the development of technology itself is pushing humanity to change their technogenic impact on the environment. Today the topic of conversation was global warming. Or rather practical ways of its solution.

A little bit about scientific observations and theories

Facts are stubborn things, but before starting the discussion, not to be unfounded, we will refer to a single authoritative office, which operates a much larger data than normal stats. If you haven't heard about it before, expand your horizons, referring to the NASA project launched in 2002, studied changes in the Earth's atmosphere by using the atmospheric Infrared sensor (AIRS).

Debunking the myths about alternative fuels

After 12 years of studying our planet from a satellite, NASA has confirmed that some scientists and environmentalists have argued for a long time. Global warming is really the place to be, and his scales grow like a snowball, exponentially. Global warming is cause even more warming, which over time is aggravated even more. In other words, when the earth's surface temperature rises, the level of water vapor in the atmosphere will increase. More moisture in the air means more clouds, which in turn means that the effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Here's a bad diagram of self-destruction was once launched. And continues to flourish every year more and more.

Unbelievers are of course still there and they will still be saying that these "eggheads".

However, for 98% of scientists in the world, it remains an obvious fact, climate change has become a reality and the main catalyst were people.

And so, the theme of our article lies not in the scientific approach, more of a conversation going in the direction of innovative solutions for energy collection and the use of these methods in vehicles.

5 rational methods of propelling motor vehicles

1. Modified 1995 Chevrolet Geo Tracker is running on Gravesend, it may seem absurd, save the Planet by using the method of burning hardwood, to apply the technology, which dates back to the dawn of the automotive industry.


In fact, we have modified Chevrolet Geo Tracker custom, which is used for motion no liquid fuel, only carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) and hydrogen gas created by burning wood in a specially designed unit at the rear of the car. Interested in technology readers will understand what was going on and that the device is in the back of Chevrolet. Indeed, this gas vehicles.

The technology involves the burning of wood for propelling a vehicle is sufficient mass used on vehicles during the Second world war, on both sides, as the Soviet side, the generators were placed on the legendary "Polutorka" GAZ-AA and German. The generators used before the second world war and the difficult postwar years, they were placed on tractors and cars. But to see such a dinosaur in the twenty-first century, it is something out of the ordinary!

Is it really safer for the environment than a gasoline car?! How she fared with the exhaust gases? Actually everything here is great, the only thing that remains after the process is ash that can be used as fertilizer. Technology to adopt, when properly configured, the vehicle capacity it sorely falls. Will be possible to move safely on more or less the usual speeds.

Remains open only the question of where to get fuel for such cars, because their power needs trees, and to cut down forests it is not the most wise. Although it may eventually come up with some substitute for wood.

2. Cars driven by evaporation of water

Maybe the burning of wood or other similar mined people materials is not the most acceptable idea, we understand that. How about the use of force evaporated water? We allude to an incredibly attractive project, which is currently a team of researchers from Columbia University. They seem to have created a simple device made of bacterial spores, glue and plastic, which allow to obtain energy from evaporated water. The same power can be used in the development of the technology for movement of vehicles.

3. Five days in the air ispolzuyteskryty solar energy

Of course, we necessarily had to mention solar energy. But we are not talking about all sorts of highly productive modern solar-powered vehicles, such as Stella Lux, the electric car powered by solar energy, is designed in such a way as to resemble a regular family car. And even despite the fact that it provides a maximum driving range of 1,000 km, it is still far from being capable of what is the coolest airplane in the world.

If you missed the news last week, we would like to mention about the next triumph of Solar Impulse 2’. Pilot Andre Borschberg spent five days in flight, having flown over the Pacific ocean from Japan to Hawaii. It is about 118 hours of flight, the longest non-stop flight ever perfect. He broke the previous record, amounting to approximately 76 hours.

Again, not a drop of fuel was not used during the trip.

4. Wind turbines mounted in overpasses for the production энергии

Of course, one of the biggest "ambush" using electricity to power our cars is that the majority of electricity is still produced by burning coal or other minerals. And in the case when nothing is burned, most often used more dangerous fuel, nuclear. But what if you use structures that are already built to make them capable of producing clean energy?

The research team from Europe is currently busy translating this theory into practice on the viaducts of the Canary Islands. Spanish and British researchers check if we can generate electricity with turbines installed between the columns of the viaduct. If there is enough flow of air to generate required amount of electricity. If testing with small turbines will be able to achieve the desired results, then the "normal" wind turbines will succeed 100%.

5. The world's first electric double Decker bus Double-Decker has become a reality"Green" technologies have emerged in almost all aspects of automotive life, more new technologies are applied in Aeronautics... but something is missing. Public transport running on alternative fuels! How could this be overlooked?! In fact, according to statistics, public transportation is a $58 billion industry that employs millions of workers around the world.

However, it seems, and this piece is our favorite automotive world has begun to improve. At the forefront of the "greening" of public transport is London, where the mayor, Boris Johnson recently announced that the world's first electric double Decker bus will start to serve passengers in the British capital this year.

Summing up the results. We could continue the list of innovative clean technologies and on, but enough examples, because they are confirmed one fact that boggles the mind: if we see a problem and know how to solve it, then why is gasoline still so popular?

Source: www.1gai.ru/publ/515135-5-zelenyh-tehnologiy-iz-za-kotoryh-my-ne-ponimaem-pochemu-benzin-do-sih-por-populyaren.html


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