What is the more economical petrol 92 or 95

Many motorists with the rising price of gasoline began to wonder whether you can fill your car with petrol with a lower octane rating, and most importantly what brand it is cheaper and whether it is safe for the motor. Many, in spite of the set for their car technical standards for the quality of fuel used, trying to save money and instead of 95 petrol refuel 92. Claiming that no significant difference between them, but as says a famous advertising slogan, "if there is no difference, why pay more."

Proponents of the theory that much of a difference between brands of gasoline don't exist, give as arguments the mythical experience of its motorists, saying that over the years, they ran a cheaper fuel and have not experienced any problems. However, in practice a penny economy turns up later a serious cost replacement of individual parts and whole assemblies in the car. It is not necessary to save on gasoline proposed by the car manufacturer rules must be strictly observed. This will guarantee faultless and long operation of your vehicle.

It IS necessary to UNDERSTAND in DETAIL, is THERE any DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the TWO BRANDS of GASOLINE, AND WHAT ITwill Conduct a simple experiment Here are a few tests to determine the effect of qualitative characteristics of gasoline to the domestic units of the car. Optimally displays the relationship between the quality of gasoline and the internal units of cars, the test for determining capacity. It is necessary to place the vehicle on a stand, with the drive wheels must be installed on the rotary drum. Then in 4th gear to give to 2 thousand revs and drown a pedal of gas. After the designated amount of torque and speed of rotation of the drum. So that you can easily determine the power applied to the wheels of the car.

After that went to direct experiment, to this end, I bought a 20L 92 gasoline, and the tank filled 95 brand of gasoline. After the car was placed on a stand and measured the maximum possible power from the wheels, turned out 155 HP and Then calculated the fuel consumption, it amounted to almost 8.2 l/100km.

After the experiment continued, the Bay tank is 92 gasoline. According devices the difference in power was insignificant and amounted to only 0.1 HP in contrast to the experiment with 95 gasoline, which in absolute terms is still of 155.6 HP, However, reduced the octane number of gasoline, adversely affect the operation of the engine causing a small detonation. In fact, this mini explosions caused by the ignition of the fuel. This leads to heating of the internal cylinder walls of the car and acts on the connecting elements of the engine – rubber gaskets. In the future it will inevitably end overhaul of the engine, and it is very expensive and not always quality.

How to improve the quality of gasoline There are artificial ways to improve the quality of gasoline and increase the octane number. With this purpose, the active use of synthetic additives, namely the addition of a gasoline Tetro ethyl lead, can effectively boost octane, but causes irreparable harm to the environment, so the release of this additive is strictly prohibited at the moment.

Modern cars are equipped with sensors for determination of detonation of the fuel, this system protects the engine when using fuel with a lower octane rating. However, is effective only at low load on the motor. Given that it is not permissible to apply a maximum load on the engine.

The second part of the experiment was devoted to fuel consumption, it allowed to unambiguously determine the optimally profitable gasoline to fill the fuel system of the car. The conditions of the experiment left unchanged, fill 92 gasoline in the tank and dispersed the car to 90 km/h To the surprise of many, the consumption of gasoline was only 0.1 unit more than using 95 brand of gasoline.

To sum up. According to the experiment at first glance, a significant difference in power and fuel consumption is not revealed, and given the error rate in 0,1 units can be equated to zero. It's the lyrics, let's do simple arithmetic and calculate the real benefit from savings on gasoline quality.

The average difference in price between 92 and 95 gasoline does not exceed 2 rubles., or to be precise, equal to 1,9 RUB. Multiply the value obtained in the experiment, the fuel consumption is at 8.3 l/100 km, and define this figure given the average annual mileage car in 20 t Zn.

The resulting annual savings on gasoline, about 3 thousand rubles, do not forget to this figure add the cost of repair of the engine, and he'll need it with such economy. This amount is difficult to approximate, given that it depends on the brand of car and every car enthusiast can estimate it relative to your precious car.

The conclusion is simple and obvious. Penny savings turns into big expenses in the future and will inevitably lead to breakdown of cars. So you should not experiment on your iron friend, use quality gasoline and don't skimp on the little things.

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