17 Photos About how much it costs Petrol in different countries

The fall in oil prices in different ways reflected in the cost of gasoline worldwide. From these images, taken by Reuters photo reporters in the past few weeks, you can see how very different the price of gasoline to consumers in the country, despite the fact that all states buy oil at the same price in the international markets.

Gasoline A95 to 0, 959 euros (75, 8 rubles) per liter at a gas station in 7 Premium Tape, Estoniya.8e0a060a43.jpg

Petrol station in Salwa village in the desert in Saudi Arabia near the border with Qatar. Gasoline 91 octane costs 75 Halal (14 rubles), and gasoline with an octane rating of 95 - 90 Halal (17 rubles)

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A liter of gasoline at the gas station Shell in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, costs 600 CFA francs (71 rubles).


Petrol station near the town of Omurtag in Bulgaria. A liter of gasoline A-95 n / e is 1, 88 leva (77 rubles).


Filling station in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. A liter of gasoline costs 86, 5 Kenyan shillings (61 rubles), while a liter of diesel fuel - 67, 8 shillings (48 rubles)

. b416cfa882.jpg

This ad: "Lowest price for gasoline at our stations - 98 yen (62 rubles) per liter" in Gёda Japan

. b5980d6001.jpg

The trader sells petrol on the street in North Jakarta, Indonesia. He buys it from the Indonesian Pertamina state oil and gas company and then resells a passing motorists at the price of 8000 rupees (41 rubles) per liter.


Petrol station in Kasserine, Tunisia. The price of gasoline - 1, 5 Tunisian dinars (53 rubles) per liter

. 4b4d0ea92c.jpg

Helios filling station on the background of the mountains of Tien Shan in Almaty, Kazakhstan. A liter of gasoline cost 142 tenge (29, 6 rubles).


Sinopec Filling Station in Beijing, China. Unleaded petrol is 5, 56 yuan (61 rubles) per liter.


A liter of unleaded petrol at the price of 1, 149 euros (90, 8 Russian rubles) per liter at a gas station BP in Vienna, Austria.


Busy street in Paranaque, Philippines. A liter of diesel fuel in the Philippines is 19, 2 Philippine pesos (29 rubles).


Puma filling station in Managua, Nicaragua. A liter of gasoline costs 21, 59 cordobas (55 rubles).


The price of unleaded petrol at a gas Mobil station in Brooklyn, New York, is 0, 87 dollars (62, 2 rubles) per liter.


Passenger plane comes in to land on the BP petrol station at Heathrow Airport in London. A liter of unleaded petrol costs 1, 019 pounds (104 rubles).


Filling station of the state oil company of Venezuela Petróleos de Venezuela in Caracas. A liter of petrol with an octane rating of 95 is 6 bolivars (68 rubles).


In Benghazi, Libya, petrol and diesel are sold at the same price - 0, 15 dinars (8 rubles) per liter

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