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27-year-old Ukrainian Anna Marinenko has collected almost 170 thousand dollars in the popular resource KickStarter for your startup unique. The girl is knitting without needles voluminous wool scarves and blankets.

For their work Marinenko uses a special threads of Merino wool, wound into huge balls. Instead of spokes resourceful from Kiev costs with their own hands.

A small business Anne opened in 2014.

"One day I found an unusual material, which piqued my imagination, told Marinenko of the new York edition of Tech Insider. I didn't have spokes, and I started knitting hands."

Mistress became so proficient that it seems she was knitting these blankets all my life. Now just a couple of hours Anna Marinenko can create a blanket sized 1.5×2 meters! And the scarf takes approximately 30 minutes.

"This is not a new technique — explains Anna. I just wanted to share my vision of design with other people. Kickstarter is a great opportunity to expand production and to become famous all over the world."

Their unique blankets Marinenko, for example, sells for $ 900 (price for a great blanket of category "Suite"). At such a high price affected by the high cost of materials — yarn from Merino wool. Scarves will cost $ 150, and carpets — 700.

The purpose of Anna — getting it author products to the leading network in the U.S. and Europe.

Tech Insider made a video about a unique startup for your site.

It should be noted that at the time of publication of the material Tech Insider — December 1 — startup Anna Marinenko has collected 58 million USD over the next two weeks she managed to collect almost three times more money. Initially it was planned to 20 thousand dollars. Until the end of the fundraising remains a couple of days. published


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