In Germany started the production of solar panels with thickness of 1 mm

German startup Heliatek starts mass production of photovoltaic films. The material for coating facades produces electricity sufficient for lighting, heating or air conditioning. As pilot projects, the company has equipped the film with generators buildings in Germany, Egypt and Singapore.

Startup Heliatek was founded in Dresden in 2006. He specializiruetsya on the developments in the area of alternative power. Main product – film HeliaFilm – in fact, the solar cell with thickness less than 1 millimeter.

The film is designed primarily to cover the facades of buildings. As such, it can serve simultaneously as a decorative element. The film is done in different colors, there is even a transparent version.

Six million seventy six thousand eight hundred ten

As stated by the developer, HeliaFilm produces electricity 25% more efficient counterparts.

"In contrast to crystalline or other conventional technologies for creating photovoltaic films, HeliaFilm consists of wafer-thin layers of organic molecules deposited on a plastic film," — said on the website of the manufacturer.

Moreover, the startup was able to establish a so-called roll production of film solar cell. With this technology, the working layer is applied on a plastic substrate continuously, as the unwinding of the roll. In this method, the production of solar cell, its cost is greatly reduced.

Within six years, Heliatek plans to start full production in Dresden. The plant will produce up to 1 million square meters of film per year. For the further development of a start-up in late September have completed the D round of financing, attracting 80 million euros.

One of the first buildings in which established the "power of film", became the headquarters of the construction company Reckli in Herne, Germany. The energy produced in this building is used to charge the batteries of the hoist.

Seventy million four hundred fifteen thousand one hundred sixty seven

Building Reckli in Herne, Germany.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the film HeliaFilm can be glued to almost any surface, whether brick, concrete or metal. The proof has been implemented in another pilot project in Germany. The film was covered with the walls of the two giant metal barrels fermented at a biogas plant in the town of Bergheim, Paffendorf. The project was symbolic: for the first time in one place, electricity will be produced from two alternative ways.

Six million two hundred fifty thousand four hundred fifty two

Barrel fermentation, covered with foil HeliaFilm.

In the future the startup plans to establish cooperation with automotive companies. Then, perhaps, a photovoltaic film will be put on the car. Located on the roof of the vehicle, such electric generating unit, of course, will not give enough power to charge the battery of the Tesla, but other electronics to energize you can.published  




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