Overview of eco-friendly insulation for your home

Any construction material today is selected on the basis of ecological purity. Building material in use should not cause harm to the environment and humans. This primarily applies to insulation used for thermal insulation of walls of houses. Before a consumer gets the task to choose the most eco-friendly insulation for thermal insulation of your room. To select the material must adhere to the following selection criteria:Construction.
1. The main indicator is the safety of people living in the area.
2. Under the influence of the environment the material should not release harmful chemical compounds.
3. Insulation can be re-used in the construction process.
To choose eco-friendly insulation for homes must adhere to the data selection criteria.

Three main types of harmless environmental insulation. Ecowool.

Cellulose is composed of 85 percent cellulose. In order to connect the components used flame retardants. Cellulose fibre insulation is an excellent insulating material that has a loose structure, and after applying compacted under its own weight. Cellulose wool can be as eco-friendly insulation for the walls, but with the use of special equipment, because manually spray the insulation evenly will not work.

 Teplolen. Insulation from flax

Of flax fibers are produced teplolen, which acts as an ecological insulation for the roof of any room. The insulation of the room this type of material eliminates the need to install a vapor barrier. Teplolen very well regulated moisture transfer in the building. The best environmentally friendly insulation for a wooden house is teplolen and ecowool. Teplolen has antibacterial substances, which do not give possibility to develop fungus on the wooden surface of the house.

Installation teplolen same way that fibrous insulation. In the production of VAL-FLAX teplolen applied fire-retardant treatment, which greatly increases the resistance of the product. The insulation, which in their structure have flax, are the most environmentally friendly and modern materials. Choosing eco-friendly insulation teplolen, your home will have the following advantages:

1. The temperature in the house gradually changes due to this type of insulation.
2. The antiseptic properties of flax create a favorable climate in the room.
3. Neytralizuya electrostatic field due to the small electrical resistance of flax.
4. The material is not destroyed and does not shrink.

 The fiberboard. Popular insulation

The Board comprises wood fiber, liquid glass and cement. Fibrolit attracted the attention of the consumer the fact that its surface temperature begins to change after 10 to 11 hours after the external temperature changes. For example, if the street is unbearable heat, then the Board will heat up only in the evening. Of the main advantages of wwcb can highlight the following aspects:

1. Has excellent frost resistance and moisture resistance.
2. In this material it is possible to hammer in nails and sawing and drilling.
3. The Board is fully protected from processes of decay.
4. The substances which enter into the composition of the insulation prevent the appearance of fungi and mold.
5. Fiberboard can be laid at low temperatures.

Illustration of test for Flammability of various materials.


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