The secrets of growing cucumbers in the open ground

According to folk omens the time of sowing of cucumbers in the open ground coincides with the mass blooming of dandelions. This means that the soil is warmed enough to begin planting.
There is an interesting method of growing cucumbers in the open ground, but not under the film, and the film.

It is simple to implement, and the harvest often is more effective than traditional methods.
In the garden at a distance of 0.8-1.0 m from each other, make holes with a depth of 10 cm and a diameter of 30 cm and sow the seeds so that then in each well, leave for 4 plants.

After planting a flower bed is covered with tape and the edges of her firmly fixed, as the film will cover the garden until late summer.


After some time there will be sprouts of cucumbers, and then leaves. While young plants will develop into a mini garden (in the hole), it will take time to spring frosts.

When the plant has 4-5 leaves appear, it is necessary to make the cross-section of film over the hole so the plant was able to emerge from his hiding place. Each hole should be left for 4 major plants and send them in different directions. You should also remove weeds from the hole, which may lead to "freedom". Other weeds that grow under the film cannot be removed in any case — in this lies the meaning of this method.
After 1.5 months after sowing cucumbers weeds lift her above the ground, as they will be close and they will interfere with each other, and the film will not give them up. And most importantly – breathe in the weeds under the film with its warmth and warm cucumber lashes, which are freely located at the top of the film.

The soil under the plants is generally not compacted. Eliminates the need for weeding and loosening, sharply reduced the need for watering, since the film retains moisture.
Since the plants are arranged on the tape and in contact with the soil is much less than for conventional technology, the likelihood of their disease, and therefore the number of treatments of plants with different drugs is reduced dramatically.
To collect these pickles is a pleasure, they are clean and clearly visible.

Most gardeners put in barrels and crates zucchini and pumpkins. Usually take it from an old barrel, paint it black, to better heated by the sun. Then she poured three-quarters of the earth, mixed with peat and organic waste, the top is almost flush with the edges of the earth mixed with humus. Then add the Cup of vegetable mixture and watered. Then sow the seeds.

When growing cucumbers as a rule, sown or planted seedlings around the perimeter of the barrel - 4-5растений. And in the center you can plant a flower, not a tomato or pepper.

For cucumbers are ideal conditions. They get heat from above – from the sun from the sides – from the heated walls of the barrel, on the bottom from decaying organic residues. And she is a barrel of pickles at the edges and with a flower between them looks fabulous miracle. But don't forget its hard to water, the earth dries faster in the barrel than in the greenhouse. published

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