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Grigori Perelman - a famous Russian mathematician, in 1982 in the team of Soviet schoolchildren won a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad, held in Budapest. Without examination was enrolled in the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University. Won the faculty, urban and student-Union Mathematical Olympiads. All the years of studying only "excellent". For academic excellence received the Lenin scholarship. After graduating with honors from the University, enrolled in graduate school at the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics. Steklov. Defended his thesis, was working at the institute. August 22, 2006 Grigory Perelman was awarded the international prize "Fields Medal" for solving the Poincare conjecture. However, the Russian scientist refused to attend the award ceremony, and along with it, and from $ 1,000,000! In 2006 he was recognized by the journal Science largest scientists of the world.

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