The brick wall in the interior of the bathroom—classy and sassy!

The interior design of a bathroom can be completely different, as in recent years, no clear trends styles. For the design of the bathroom walls are widely used classic building materials – tile, plastic, ceramics, and brick. The brick wall in the bathroom design looks both stylish, bold and aesthetically pleasing.




In addition, this building material perfectly absorbs moisture, retains and gives off heat. Brick is low maintenance, it can be painted in different colors, or left in its natural form. At accurate masonry brick wall in the interior of the bathroom looks incredibly cozy. Unpainted wall will draw attention to their brutality, and painted in white color will bring a drop of freshness and lightness, as well as visually expand the space.




Brick masonry in interior design looks especially impressive, with the historical past. If the wall is dark in color, it is necessary to dilute with colorful decorative elements. In this case, the perception of the interior would be dark.




The rough surface of the material, contrast the rough edges of the bricks has its appeal. Do not have to leave the brickwork everywhere. Bricks can highlight one wall or a section of the wall.




Brick walls near bathtubs or sinks will be a highlight of interior design. Looks especially impressive brick fireplace in the large bathroom – it looks luxurious and ennobles any most unpretentious setting.





Brick wall in interior design in itself is a common emphasis spot. It goes well with any stylistic direction, from traditional to high-tech. Brick harmonizes well with most materials – glass, ceramics, stone.



The perception of a brick wall in interior design directly affects the lighting. The best way is to install sconces which delicately accentuate the extravagance of the decoration of the wall space, or high lamps.




Bathroom has high humidity, and this factor should be considered when choosing building materials for decoration of walls. Brick is a sturdy material, but under constant moisture it can start to break down. Besides, it can generate mould or fungus.



So brick wall it is recommended to apply special compound that will protect the room from harmful microorganisms and masonry from destruction. It is necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the seams. The bathroom interior design which uses brick, it is important to ensure good ventilation.


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