Greedy women

The other day was one of those evenings when I had to save her friend, let's call her Lena, of a broken heart.

The story is banal as the world. They had been Dating six months, and he still fed her Breakfast that already live in the days of his financial position will improve and then they will heal. Every man can be financial difficulties, especially in our country, especially when a person works on himself.

Six million two hundred six thousand twenty six

But then, let's call him Peter, take all his will power and what else can take up and solve their financial problems, not dedicating it to my woman. Against the background of a broken heart, Lena, besides me, met with a friend of mine, let's call him Max.

So Max told a sob story, that he realized that he loves the girl one, for many years, and lives for it, and wants family and children. But now max has no penny in his pocket, and soon the enrichment is not expected.

It is interesting that Peter and Max, both want to create a family with their choice, have children and live happily ever after. To the question, ladies: "how are you going to provide for his family," the men echoed: "this is a family and children there and will understand." The last argument, before the gap (on her initiative) heard from Lena Petit: "Do what you want, but I love you and live without you." Usually, these males think it's heavy artillery, then even the iceberg has to melt, not that hungry girl.

So first lyrics. The answer to such men. Petit, Maxi and similar characters, one way out — rolled up to the thick, unkempt, without education, not affectionate, vicious aunts. Start with them to meet and live, and they will promise you that very soon, within days they'll shave my legs, will cook dinner for you, stopping Smoking and swearing tomorrow, in a couple of days in bed they turn into affectionate kitties, and already by Monday lose those extra 20 lbs.

Live with this half a year, eating her "Breakfast", then email me and tell. I still live, I never met a man who would have tolerated such (a small child, a lover – not an aggravating circumstance).

Now scientific. Love is a verb, i.e. to do something. The woman, not at the whim of his is looking for a man who can provide for her, and by the will of nature. The evolution foreseen the need for women to have a partner who will help her during the most difficult first two years of a child's life.

Accordingly, the woman unconsciously evaluates the viability (not to be confused with state) men, which makes her choose men who are cases (this is the most important in this sentence) display and show of her concern. This behavior of women paved the way for stories about the fact that fertile young women are sexually aroused by older men with money and power.

Thus, women prefer men who show that they can be effective (in deed and not in words) partners in the period when the woman becomes completely helpless and dependent on their partner.

Also, can't forget about the gene pool. Who would be born of a man, who can not feed themselves – weak, unsuccessful offspring. And any mother wants for their children a bright and happy future in which, as seen in the last thousands of years – survival of the fittest.

As all we live in the 21st century, and mostly in cities where all household problems, problems of survival and security are resolved with money, and the gene pool — with the help of men's health, here's the need: healthy and successful (not poor equivalent). It's good that you men don't have tails to grow, that they be compared, so you are still lucky. It is not known that in the 22nd century will be.

Based on the above: while women are responsible for the continuation of the human race, they will choose the strongest men. Exactly the same as in nature, when a female chooses a male with the beautiful feathers, fluffy mane, a long nose, the strong, brave and caring.

So, favorite men, all the questions to the Mother Nature. This is not a greedy woman, she is wise! published 

Author: Anastasia Took

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