Electric buses and trucks are becoming more available

Agency California Air Resources Board announced its findings that fully electric vehicles have begun to penetrate the truck market.

The report noted that electric buses and trucks from different manufacturers are becoming more available. While only the class of super-heavy trucks has not yet experienced this effect.

According to analysts, only in California is now about 40 electric interurban buses to all over the world 2 500. In the United States use three models. Trucks work better in the state of more than 300, mostly delivery vans. There are also 4 electric school buses, and for pilot programs had ordered another few.

Heavy electric trucks so far only tested — for example, the efficiency of electric trucks has been proved. Several projects in the state are at the pilot stage.

Main barriers in this market are the same as with all electric cars: high cost batteries and limited mileage. Air Resources Board estimated that the cost of a kilowatt-hour of battery capacity for medium and heavy trucks currently stands at $ 500-700, which is significantly more than the cost of the diesel powertrain.

However, standardization of profiles, charging vehicles will simplify long-distance travel of such trucks and, therefore, will be possible to use small batteries.

Recall that in 2014, Scania in Germany in the early testing of electric trucks, trolleys, similar to tram, constructing the first experimental track for them.


Siemens with a pantograph on the track in Germany

In addition, ongoing development of hybrid heavy vehicles.


Hybrid electric garbage truck. published

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