The ideal solution to stop being afraid of the disease is to get sick!

Today we will talk about what is the basis Recall Healing. By Gilberte Reno she is depicted in the shape of a pyramid or a rocket.

The following is a description of the values pyramid /triad health

1. First level: the physical body. (Controlled by brain)

We are made up of agglomeration of about 70 to 80 thousand billion of individual cells. Each cell works efficiently for the optimal functioning of the system. For example, cells of the digestive system digest food by producing digestive enzymes due to which the entire body is provided with everything necessary.


2. Second level: the brain.

(Allows me to constantly stay alive. Is never wrong!)

The BRAIN is the controlling center of the body. Every part of the body is controlled by the corresponding part of the brain. The brain is able to control himself. Its function is to maintain life.

The brain is a powerful computer programmed for biological survival of the individual.

In order to understand that human biology, you must think about in what conditions existed and evolved species. Too little time has passed since then, as man exists in a relatively safe environment. Biological mechanisms have always been directed to protect from dangerous and even hostile world. So the brain learned how to continually process the billions of bits of information from internal and external receptors in order to have the possibility of choice for the most effective response to received stimuli, so that each next moment the whole body remained alive.

In each new moment everything is new. "Predator" may appear at any second. The brain never stops. He constantly receives billions of pieces of data (from all sensitive points of the body), outgoing from inside and outside. Then it analyzes, examines, compares this information with that stored in its memory, and outputs the result in the form of "programs" that send electrical and magnetic impulses in every part of the body. All this is done for the survival of the whole organism.

Currently on Earth the most powerful are supercomputers that control the satellites and space travel by NASA. They are called computers fourth or fifth generation. In this case — the human brain was a computer the fifteenth generation. The brain has a memory capacity comparable with the huge hard drive, fixing every detail of human life from the moment of conception. The brain also has a system of dispatching programs, spreading its influence throughout the body (nervous system).

Most diseases are a violation of the biological interaction between the part of the brain that controls a specific body and the appropriate authority, which, in turn, operates under the individual program. This contradiction we call the SPECIFIC BIOLOGICAL CONFLICT (SBK)

Breast cancer is the disruption of the interaction between the part of the brain that controls cells in the breast and these cells. And the cells themselves are responsible for a specific function. According to this principle, developing the disease of every organ, including the brain. If a person is sick, we believe that it is the result of an improper interaction between the brain and the cells of the relevant body caused by a specific biological conflict.


3. Third level: the psyche.

(Mind, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, religion, education, perception, etc.

How do I cope with daily problems?

Mind, as part of the psyche, has the function of transmitting information to the brain, the main computer. Psyche gives the brain the ability to feel.

1. Psyche feels. The mind analyses.

2. The brain gives the command.

3. The body performs.

The disease is the best solution of the brain for as long as possible to stay alive at the moment of trauma.

The brain makes the best decision based on currently available information in order to preserve human life as long as possible.


EXAMPLE: a Child learning to ride a bike. The little boy still can't ride a bike. He for some time rode with stabilizing wheels. One day his father, thinking that the moment had come, removes the training wheels and says it's time to ride like a big boy. Eventually the child starts to go, the father releases the bike, and the child understands that riding alone, feeling the growing fear. He becomes so frightened that the only solution that can offer him the brain – fall.

The fall, in this case, is a way to get rid of the fear of falling.


The ideal solution to stop being afraid of the disease is to get sick.

Pay attention to strange thoughts, occasionally coming to mind: "I'm a fool, I'm crazy, I'm lost, etc."

As long as the conflict remains psychological, we are not sick.

We get sick when the conflict becomes biological, in that moment, when the brain is "loaded" conflict in the body.

In fact, disease is the appropriate response to psychological or emotional conflict that a person is not able to transfer (in accordance with its beliefs and ways of life functioning). Therefore, the disease – survival mode.



"In the world of beings – humans, animals, plants, minerals etc – all programmed into survival mode. Therefore, any biological modification (disease, health, etc.) is of great importance". /Claude Saba/

We can be stunned by the disease, but to nature (in the beginning of the disease) this is a positive program (way to survive).The disease is not a malfunction, but a way of adaptation.” published


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