How to build a greenhouse dome with their hands

Today we will talk about how to make a greenhouse dome with their hands. This greenhouse is very durable, withstands strong winds, snowy winters. This is a geodesic dome Icosahedron, geodesic structures on the Internet can be a lot of information to find.

Another important plus is the originality of such greenhouses.

The floor space of the greenhouse 28 m2, and the surface of the dome greenhouses of 56 m2, a diameter of 6 meters, a height of 3 meters.

The Foundation of the greenhouse to a depth of 30 cm, if you want you can do a little more deep — 40 cm, if you plan big. And the Foundation is a few large stones and concrete.

The frame of the greenhouse consists of planed impregnated wooden bars 45х38мм, the total number is about 0.35 m3.

The joints need to make stainless steel.


Will also need a package of screws 35 mm (1000 PCs) and a plastic film 200 MD.

Greenhouse to the country is done quickly enough, if ready all the materials and work together, the Assembly of the frame is 1 day. A couple of days is cutting and prostrelivanie cellophane to the frame.



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