How to grow tomatoes by may without a greenhouse and without the seedling

In the autumn, before the frosts, when the fruiting of tomatoes stops, tear off from your favorite bushes (all grades) a few processes and put in water for 5-6 days (to put in water disrupted the processes immediately or with a minimum amount of time, otherwise you will not get a positive result).

After the specified time the sprouts will root then you can transplant them in the ground or in plastic bags or in pots.

Over the winter the bushes of tomatoes stretches, and each of them will need the tip to break off and put into the water, which, in turn, will root, after which they need to be planted. Around April your tomatoes will bloom, and in may will have a red fruit.

Using this method, tomatoes can be grown even in those areas where warm summers are very short.published



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